Everest Base Camp Leave April

Hi, has anyone booked this trip yet? Am travelling on my own and hoping to hook up with a few people online before heading out of heathrow! Have currently got past the exhileration of booking and am now into the dual challenge of paying for it and trying to get a bit fitter (after a mild day in the lakes on sunday i need to do more!)


Looking forward to hearing you all,



I am booked on the Everest Base Camp for the 11th April is there any one  else booked on this one? It would be good to hear from you and to hear how you are getting fit?

I am flying early to Katmandu so arrive on the 10th to look around the city.

Look forward to hearing from you.





I am going too, so see you in Katmandu, have you trekked much before?

Look forward to hearing from you.




Hi Stu, Hi Sue!

I am booked on this special expedition trek, looking forward to it. How is your training going?

I've been trawling through the recommendations of other people who have been on this trip and they advise to take the following items which aren't on the standard kit list (might save you a bit of time!!) :

- head torch- wet wipes - lots of zip lock bags to pack things in your trek bag - cold medication - upset tummy medication- strepsils / throat sweets because of the dust- loo roll (packets of loo paper- rolls can get wet and don’t fit in pockets)- a large supply of energy food (either take from the UK or buy in Kathmandu) as     this will save quite a lot of money. - take a buff headscarf to cover your mouth; the trek is extremely dusty- a good book, there isn't much to do in the evening- alcohol gel with you for washing your hands

- lip balm


Any other suggestions welcome! Alison 


Really looking forward to this trip...................

Not too long to wait now, just under 6 weeks ;)


hi I have booked for departure on 11 April . Agree with Allsion. Also think about bringing a solar battery charger and a water sterilizing pen (not cheap but tastes a lot better than the using tablets).




Hi All,

Do you know how many are going on our trip?

Thanks for all the suggestion Alison.

Are any of you having the rabbis injection?

Are any of you going to Chitwan too 






I am leaving Heathrow on evening 10th April with the exodus flight, arriving Kathmandu on 11th April, is this the same trip as you?



I will be on the trip as well with my brother Galen. Curious how many folks will be part of the group. We are flying from the US and will meet up with everyone in Kathmandu on the 12th.

 - Nate 


....exodus have told me the group is full so that means 16 people. I am in Kathmandu on the 12th flying to Lukla on the 13th. I have been advised to get a Katadyn water filter and a water purifier pen.... anyone else taking a katadyn? I am a novice at this level of trekking!



I might bring a katadyn water bottle, but probably not a pump. For the route we're taking, I don't think it's really needed, unless Exodus says otherwise.


Kit bags have arrived!! But there were no instructions as to what it's for. As it's a holdall shape,  I assume we won't be carrying this bag on the trek and still need to pack a day sack....?

Sue, I'm not having the Rabies jab since it is optional. I'm just having the 2 recommended vaccines; Diptheria/Tetaus/Polio and Hep A/Typhoid. My doctor thinks that is sufficient.

 Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi all

I'll be joining you the evening of the 11th, not getting the group flight as I'm coming from Ireland. 

I think the kitbags are for the porters to carry, so we'll have to put everything we need for the trek in them (apart from a day backpack with water, snacks etc).  If I can get away with it I don't think I'll pack the kitbag til I get there as don't want to have two big bags to carry on the way. 

Think there might be people from different treks here as I don't think I'm on the special expedition one...wasn't planning to be anyway!



If you're meeting in Kathmandu on April 12, then it must be the special expedition one with 2 nights in Base Camp. Seems like it would be too complicated for them to organize otherwise.

Coming from the US, we don't get a kitbag. I was planning to simply hike with my pack. I assume that won't be a problem.

Looks like 8 of us have posted to this forum, so that's half the group! I wonder if it would make sense to create a Facebook Group for our trek, as this forum is kind of clunky and it would be useful to share tips, post-trek photos, etc. Let me know if there's any interest...


Facebook sounds like a great idea, Nate. It would be good for swapping photos, as you say, and I think you can make it slightly more secure than the public profiles on this forum.

Thanks Anne-Marie, I looked up the kit bag situation and it is indeed for the porters to carry (12kg max) but we can also carry hand luggage on the flight to Lukla, so that will be my day sack.  There are 2 trips running; one is Mon 11 Apr - Wed 27 Apr 11 (recommended for solo departures) and the other is the expedition trek Tue 12 Apr - Sat 30 Apr 11. So maybe you can tell which trip you're on from the end date? Hope that helps!


...I was very confused re the trips and so I have asked Exodus, apparently there are two trips, one departing on the 10th from Heathrow which does not spend the extra nights in base camp and one departing on 11th from Heathrow which does spend extra nights in base camp. I am on the one which does not spend extra nights in base camp (looked at the the base camp toilets on YouTube and decided... not for me!!!) and am returning to Heathrow on 27th April and so I am not doing Chitwan either.

 Kit bags: does your sleeping bag have to get in this bag too?!? There's no room for my cocktail dresses and heels!

I'm not sure of Facebook...never used it...



yeah I'm on your trip Claire! Not sure who else is but maybe the two groups will meet somewhere along the way anyway...or at the hotel in Kathmandu. 

Haven't seen the kit bag yet cause its at my parents house - imagine it does have to fit sleeping bag so no room for the stilettos, damn!

Got some water purification tablets from a friend who was in Thailand today, will test them tomorrow and see how it tastes...



Hi All

I am also arriving in Katmandhu independently from India on April 10th so see some of you at the hotel in the evening. I am not having rabbies jab; immodium and diarolyte are recommended! Its my first visit and really looking forward to it . 'Training' of sorts in  Yorkshire Dales this weekend!

David ( Gatesy)


i'm a first time treker so kit is confusing a bit really. really looking forward to everyone. first time i've spent my entire years holidays with strangers! :-)

 did the facebook page get set up? would be handy for updates. if anyone wants to find me on facebook i'm stuart rimmer based out of lancaster, uk. anyone is more than welcome to ping me a mail.

got the kitbag so just got to decide what to put in it! using excuse of looking for kit as avoidance for putting miles on the legs!

 Alison- thanks for those kit ideas. you sound like a veteran?



I think I'm on the same trip too, leaving London on 10 April.  I've only just got around to looking at the trip notes, can't believe it's so near!  Thanks for the extra kit tips.  I'm not on facebook so see you at the airport/Kathmandu!  Becky


I'm very much looking forward to meeting you all, I think this will be a fabulous experience and I can't wait to get my boots on and make a start.

Kind regards, Frederick


Hi All

 I am on the trek leaving from Heathrow on 10th April and am tagging a visit to Chitwan on the end of the trip. I've never done any kind of trekking at anywhere near this level so am hoping I'm fit enough. 

 I haven't got a sleeping bag yet, the price is putting me off a little, has anyone organised to hire one to collect on arrival?


I'm sure it's really easy to pick up a good 3/4-season sleeping bag in Kathmandu. I was going to figure it out once I got in, but if you don't have a free day, you may want to arrange something beforehand. Exodus probably has some good recommendations.


Hi Victoria, I am hiring a sleeping bag and down jacket from Exodus for £55. Someone on another forum was saying that the ones from exodus are a bit chunky and take up a lot of room in kitbag - but I'm travelling around for a few weeks after and didn't want to be having to haul one around then.  I figure I can always put a couple of things in my daysack if it doesn't all fit in kitbag.

Re training I've starting doing a bit of jogging in the past few weeks to try and build up fitness.  I haven't done a hillwalk in a while but will try and get a couple in now.

Only two weeks to go..





hi victoria,

i'm a first time treker too but reckon we'll be fine! (self reassuring voice!). i just got a sleeping bag the other day and youre right they are expensive but in all fairness i reckon its gonna be cold and i get grumpy when i'm cold so i thought for everyones sake i'd splash out!

see you soon

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