CUBA 15 Apr '12 | Havana | Live music | Revolutionary heritage | Trinidad | Mojito


Who else is looking forward to a tremendous time in Cuba?

Everyone of my friends that I've spoken to have raved about their time here.

It would be good to say a virtual hello before meeting up!


Hi Hello Phil, We are also going on the Cuba trip and really looking forward to a great experience! Jim & Jill

Hi Phil, Jim and Jill

I am also on the Cuba trip and very much looking forward to it. Already have my cuba guide book so have been reading about the places we should be going too. Although nothing seems to compare to the real thing based on the reviews! :) See you all in April. Lucy :) 

Hi everyone,

My countdown to Cuba has officially begun. Hope everyone is excited as I am! Started going through things - planning what to take. Snacks, tissues, handy wipes seem to be a must. Also a copy of your travel insurance that you can show at Cuban immigration was also recommended and tea bags (if you are tea drinker as Cuban tea bags are of the herbal variety?) Now just have to decide which clothes to take! Be great to chat with some fellow 'Cuba' travellers. Lucy :)

Good morning fellow travellers

I'm really looking forward to the trip and now realise that I've been a bit laid back about the whole preparation bit!
Looking at the weather out there, we'll land into Havana enjoying highs of 30C and 'lows' of 18C! Very nice!
I too am starting to read my guide book and getting very excited about what we're all about to enjoy - need to let some of it sink in. What are you most looking forward to?

Hello all,

Started gathering stuff to pack - trip has come around so soon! Hoping for good weather too! not sure what I am looking forward to most: the architecture in Havana, seeing the rest of the island or just soaking up the atmosphere! Definitely looking forward to warm caribbean waters and a rum cocktail or too! Anyone else going on the group flight from gatwick sunday? I'm driving up that morning probably see a few of you wandering bleary eyed around the airport. See you all on Sunday. Lucy :)

Hi Lucy. I'll be on the Gatwick flight too! Not sure about what time I'll get to the airport yet!? Probably will be a bit bleary eyed because I'll have been at a rugby match on Saturday - but the thought of a Mojito in Havana will be good motivation! The weather is looking fantastic - 29/17C on Sunday and Monday :)

Hi Phil,

I always get slightly confused over the check in times / 3 hour international flight check in general guidance ....... much rather be early than late. Our flight is 11:25 am so does that mean the latest I should check in 8:25 am? Currently I am aiming to be at the airport (once car is deposited in carpark) about 7:30 ish am. Probably too early but always get slightly paranoid about missing flights not that I ever have. ...... Packing tomorrow - last minute purchases tonight, sitting on suitcase to get it closed Sunday early morning in the dark. By the looks of it weather in Cuba will be toasty whilst at home is will be cold (sounds bad but having worse weather at home whilst away somewhere sunny does make me feel slightly better :). Hope you survive the rugby match (if playing). See you Sunday. Lucy :)

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