Hi, anyone else going to Cuba in June? I'm travelling on my own so would be great to hear from fellow travellers :-) This will be my second trip with Exodus and I can't wait! Speak soon. Suzanne


Hi Suzanne - I've just booked on to this trip last weekend!

First trip with Exodus, so very exciting.  As this is your second, I suppose the first was pretty successful?  Really good that there's the opportunity to chat with "trip-mates" beforehand to get some ice breaking done in advance!!!


I did this trip last year and it was great! Have a brilliant time.


Hi Suzanne and Stuart!

I'm on this trip too. Let's break the ice with some useless info ...

- I'm an exodus-virgin, and travelling solo

-I'm from Manchester (but don't have a Gallagher strut) but now live in London (but don't speak like Delboy)

- I like gin, sunsets, bikes, boats and shoes. I don't like smelly cheese or Cheryl Cole

- Giant Haystacks was my babysitter

Over to you ... ;D



Hello all - really looking forward to the trip - not too long now!  Has anyone been practising their salsa? Jane


Hey there

Count me in! Am travelling alone too - and with Exodus for the first time.

Feeling both excited and a tad nervous..but looking forward to seeing colourful Cuba and testing out how cocktails should really taste ;-)

'Dilemmas' to date include - trainers or walking shoes; suitcase or rucksack; mozzie net or not...

All will be resolved by the 6th - see you then!




Glad I'm not the only one having continuing dilemmas!  But it keeps my mind off worrying about ash clouds, oil slicks and which critical document I will inevitably forget...



Hi to all of you. 

Only two weeks to go now!  Just wondered whether any of you have any thoughts about currency for this trip?   I'm never very comfortable carrying large sums of cash abroad, but it sounds like ATMS are limited and expensive.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

 Look forward to meeting you all on the 6th!



Hi Sean,

There's a post on the "Destinations" forum about currency in Cuba and it basically seems to say that cash is the way to go, although there are a few expensive ATMs around.  Agree that carry loads of hard currency around is not appealing, though...


Hi All,

Yet another one to join the trip to Cuba. Been meaning to post something for weeks and now its less than 2 weeks to go. I'm travelling solo too - and its my first trip so its been good to hear I'm not on my own!

Looking foward to meeting you all and finally getting to see Cuba. Hope those mojitos live up to expectation.

Is anyone else on the Sunday flight from Gatwick - or are you doing land only?




Thanks for the tip Stuart.

Will be flying out from Gatwick on the Sunday as well so will keep an eye out for Exodus luggage labels.  Hope you've all been brushing up on your Spanish and Salsa. ;o)

I am going on this tour on 4 July - any guidance on how much £ cash to take with me would be appreciated as I dont want to carry too much or too little !


Hi Cathy,

I changed £400 at the start of the trip and it was exactly the right amount for me for the 2 weeks.  But I did not go to Vinales nor to Club Tropicana, which both cost quite a bit.  Obviously all depends on amount of alcohol and souvenirs you plan on buying!



Hi Cathy,

I changed a similar amount to Stuart, but there are some good opportunities to buy souvenirs (especially artwork) so might be worth taking some additional money for this.

Hope you have as great a time as I did.  If you're lucky you'll get Freddy as your guide.  He was excellent.


Thanks for the advice

Can't wait to go!!

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