AOG - Thai Indochina Grand Tour

Is anyone going on this tour in December at all? If you are, I would love to hear from you, just so that I can say hello.

Alternatively, if you have been here before, you may be able to advise me on the best way to sort out money. Originally, I was going to take dollars in cash and then get the rest out of the ATMs as I go, but someone advised me otherwise.

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)



Hi, Penny,

I've been looking at the Departure Gate forums but strangely you've appeared somewhere totally different. Glad I've found you, though! Lovely to meet you!

I think this is my 5th EXODUS trip, but by far the longest. Almost a whole month travelling - fabulous!

It looks like it is a full group, so if there is anyone else out there who would like introduce themselves, don't be shy.

I'm taking dollars, and sterling. Not sure if I will get Thai baht here to start me off or at the airport when I arrive. According to Exodus we need around £50 to get through the first few days in Thailand for meals. What has someone advised you to do about money?

My flight (which was the original group flight, but isn't any more) gets in later than the new group flight so I'm pretty sure I'll be travelling on my own, and will meet up with you at the hotel on the 5th December.

Getting really quite excited now as I build up the piles of "stuff" on my spare bed. 5 weeks to go!



Hi Susan
So sorry i didnt check this earlier - Great to meet you too! My flight gets me to Bangkok at 0600 in the morning I think!!!! (Note to self: CHECK!!!) Wow - Your 5th Exodus trip - A hardened traveller unlike myself. I went to NZ with a friend but thats pretty much it! So looking forward to this - I just cant wait! I am taking dollars with me and was then advised my one person to use ATMs and then another person said to get travellers cheques in US Dollars.......I will do both I reckon so that I will be sure of having enough money available. I also have piles of stuff on my bed awaiting the packing moment!!! I think my toiletries weigh more than my clothes to be honest! I aim to travel as light as possible which is just as well really as its a 20kg weight limit anyway. I am going to check the departure gate forum for myself now! Really glad to hear from you! Penny :-)


Hi, Penny

I've just ordered some Thai Baht to get me started, too. I know I can get it at the airport but by the time I arrive, I'll have been travelling (well, sitting doing nothing for around 24 hrs), so doubt I'll be in a fit state to stand in a queue waiting to change money. Exodus have booked me a taxi to get to the hotel...hope it turns up! I was reading an article yesterday that said the cheapest way to change money is using ATMs for cash, and credit cards for purchases (providing you pay them off straight away). Being perverse, naturally, I'm not intending to do this, though I will have my cards with me in case of emergencies. I always worry that ATMs will be closed or gobble up my card - can you imagine trying to sort that out while you're away!?! I think you just have to do what feels comfortable and sensible for you.

Not such a hardened traveller, honest. I always worry far too much about missing flights, not getting on with the group, horrible hotel rooms, creepy crawlies...I could list you hundreds of my worries, but mostly they're unfounded and I've always really enjoyed the holidays and most of the people on the trips. I'm sure we'll have some fantastic experiences on this one, too.

I saw a posting on the same trip, different month, which said that it's fairly easy to get things washed on this trip, so that made me feel easier about not taking too many spares of spares...just in case...whether I succeed with that I don't know. I've put aside next Sunday to have a trial run at the packing.

My flight doesn't arrive until late afternoon on the 5th but I should be with you all for the evening meal, I hope!!! See you then! 4 weeks to go :¬)


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