Walking in Tuscany

Hi there!

I'd love to hear from anyone going on the Walking in Tuscany trip (leaving 19th July) or from anyone who has been on this trip before. Really looking forward to experiencing the beautiful countryside and meeting new people.

Dory x


Hi Dory,

My husband and I (Adrian) are flying out on Saturday evening for Walking In Tuscany trip and will be pleased to update you on what the holiday is like. We are really looking forward to it. Shall be returning on 12th July, so will let you know during the week before you go.




I would love to hear about it too! I am starting the Walking in Tuscany Tour on July 26.





We've just got back. Braccicorti is a fabulous location and the welcome is warm and geniune. Won't tell you too much about that, cos it'll spoil what we think was one of the best parts of the trip. The scenary is just stunning, and whilst we found some of the walking tough in places that's because our personal levels of fitness leave something to be desired. The food is excellent and there's plenty of it. The tour leader was very professional and knowledgable about the area and had a real passion for his work. The weather was fantastic every day, lots of sunshine and very warm!

We feel we have seen part of the real Italy.

Any other info you require, don't hesitate to ask.



Debbie A.


Hi Debbie and thank you so much for keeping your word and giving me your opinion of the trip to Tuscany.

I'm REALLY lokking forward to it now.

I leave tomorrow and fly to London to spend a few days with my daughter before flying to Pisa next Saturday. Was it easy enough to find your fellow travellers in Gatwick airport? As I'm travelling alone that part is a little bit daunting but I'm sure my fellow travellers, whoever they may be, will be friendly enough. I'm glad to hear about the Tuscan weather as I could really be doing with a bit of sunshine. Was it cool at night? Oh and did you try the swimmimg pool?  

Thanks again Debbie. I really appreciate you to taking the time to fill me in!     Dory x


Hi Dory,

Because booking in at Gatwick was so quick and easy we didn't meet any fellow travellers until we arrived in Pisa. Everyone was really friendly as I'm sure your group will be. There were 2 ladies travelling alone on our trip ( One was from Canada ), but they were fine.

Once the sun went down at about 9ish it did cool down quiet a bit, so a cardi or shawl will be fine in keeping the chill off. The Pool was cool, but after a days walking or the sitting by it in the sun, it was very welcoming. You'll probably have enough time to use it each day before getting ready for dinner.

You will love it.


Thanks for the info Debbie. I’m on this trip on 26 July, so I’ll see you in Pisa Jennifer. Looks like we’re going to have quite a full group, as there are only 2 spaces available now. Just to reassure the two of you who are travelling alone for the first time, I’ve done quite a few holidays like this as a solo traveller (with Exodus and other companies) and I was pleased to find that they were exactly the sort of holiday that I was hoping for. All you need to concentrate on is getting yourself to the airport, onto the flight and finding the tour leader at the other end. After that, you’re with friends for the rest of the time – unless, of course, at any point in the week you decide you need some time out on your own. Unfortunately, because the group flights leave from the zoos that are the big London airports, I’ve never managed to meet up with anyone from my trip until the destination (though maybe these new forums will help with this – I see some other groups have made plans to meet up). You’d think that the Exodus luggage tag and wearing your walking boots would help you find your tour-mates, but there are usually people departing on many different trips at any given time. I have found out about some other interesting trips by asking people if they were on my trip! All of the tours that I’ve been on have had quite a few solo travellers, and those who travel with friends/partners tend be very sociable so I’ve never felt left out. As commented elsewhere in the forum, there’s usually a range of ages on the trips but that never seems to matter as all of those who book this type of holiday seem to have the same sort of attitude to life and get on well. Have a great time next week, Dory, and please remember to leave some wine at the Braccicorti for those of us following you!

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