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Sunset in Matobo National Park

Walking Holidays in Africa

I took my mum to Namibia to celebrate her birthday. We were with other 9 fellow travellers and our excellent lead guide Shane. The trip was quite comprehensive and we traveled almost 3000 km, exploring some of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the country. The truck used for the trip was quite comfortable, with large windows and operable roof. Although we traveled long distances we made frequent stops and the landscapes were always fascinating. We explored the magical desert, the skeleton coast and ship wrecks, the Etosha natural park with its wildlife and the majestic mountains/plateaus. Truly memorable. Our guide Shane was knowledgeable, kind, funny and patient. He could also spot hidden animals easily (he spotted a chameleon while driving the truck!!). Really good trip

Robert Chiesa Discover Namibia – Lodges

The trip was much tougher than any of our Group had expected. It was colder than the seasonal norm but the trip to base camp was really attritional; by the time we got there we (and it was a fit Group) were exhausted. The journey did not only impact on the guests: of the 4 guides, 2 retired sick and neither of the summit porters reached the summit (one through sickness; one through helping a guest back down the mountain). My reflection was that the accumulative challenge was not reflected in the meeting notes.
The hotel in Zanzibar (Zumba Beach) was in an idyllic location and the GM was a strong leader and led her staff well. Again the trip notes should perhaps have been clearer that expectations needed to be calibrated a little lower than in the developed world. Our room was burgled while we were sleeping and items stolen from within 1 foot of our heads. The thieves cut their way in and so were carrying knives; a sobering experience. I don’t think crime there is uncommon and maybe prospective guests should be alerted to it?

james brent Kilimanjaro Climb Rongai Route

What an amazing experience this trip was. We saw so much it os difficult to know where to start. Brian our guide was so knoledgable about all of the animals, plants and insects we saw. He could spot a bird and tell you what it was when just a speck in the sky or perched on a distant tree. He also knew where most of the animals hang out, so we saw plenty of wildlife incuding elephants, lions, impala, giraffe, hippos, zebra and kudu among other things. We even saw a couple of cheetah and a pack of wild dogs.
There ar a lot of different experiences on this trip, from the mokoro canoes on the delta to Victoria falls. This inevibably led to some long drives. The wild camps were good fun and it was amazing what our cook Abi could produce on a camp fire and a gas ring. Although I personally don’t like it apparently the porridge was to die for!!

Jane Beal Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana