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Walking & Trekking Holidays

Types of Walking HOLIDAY Adventures

Our Walking & Trekking Activity Levels

Several factors are considered when grading our different types of walking holiday to help you find the comfort level that best suits you. These include:

Level 1: Leisurely walking trips

Experience is not necessary; anyone fit and healthy enough to complete a weekend walk can manage a Leisurely, Level 1 walking trip. Walks are often optional and trails are seldom flat, so expect a reasonable amount of ascent and descent.

You would normally walk for two to five hours during the day and daily ascents will likely be around 300m to 500m.

Level 3: Moderate walking trips

Moderate Level 3 walking tours are either fairly easy medium-duration walks or harder, shorter walks. No experience is necessary, but good health and reasonable fitness are important. Walking at higher altitudes and occasional longer or harder days may be involved, but general underfoot conditions will be fair.

A walking day during these tours is normally five to seven hours. Daily ascents will likely be around 500m to 800m, perhaps with the odd day ascending around 900m to 1,000m.

Level 5: Challenging walking trips

Fitness is important for walking holidays at this grade, which compares to extended walking in mountainous terrain such as the Lake District or Snowdonia. High altitudes, climate and remoteness are also expected. Previous trekking experience is desirable, but not vital if you are confident of your physical condition.

Walking days are usually between six and eight hours, although they may be longer for passes or peaks. Daily ascents will likely be around 900m to 1,000m, perhaps with the odd day ascending to 1,200m.

Level 7: Tough walking trips

At this level, we recommend previous trekking experience, preferably at altitude. You need complete confidence in your ability to trek for many days over difficult terrain. Extremes of altitude and weather may be encountered. This may involve the use of ice axes and crampons.

Stamina is essential as walking days last six to nine hours – or more on occasional days. Daily ascents will likely be around 900m to 1,000m, perhaps with the odd day ascending to 1,200m.

Level 9: Tough+ walking trips

A Level 9 walking tour includes all the elements of our Level 7 itineraries but adds climbing a glaciated mountain peak. Specialist pieces of equipment like ice axes and crampons will be needed, and you should have experience of using them.

Please check the trip notes carefully to ensure that your experience and equipment meet the demands of a Tough+ trip. When climbing, the peak days can be very long and you may be on your feet for 11 hours or more.

Split and optional grades

To provide a more accurate grading system, we use an intermediate or split grade where a trip falls between two grades. For example, Level 2 would combine Leisurely and Moderate qualities.

Occasionally there are optional ascents available en route. In this case, the optional grade will be highlighted below the dial on each trip page.

You can find more information by reading our activity level guidelines. We also have fitness guides to give you a better idea of how you can train ahead of your trip.

Awards and Accreditations

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Walking and trekking holiday FAQs

What can I expect from a walking holiday?

Depending on the type of walking holiday you choose, you could be scaling great heights, soaking up coastal scenery or spotting incredible wildlife.

It could be self-guided or you could make friends with like-minded travellers in one of our group walking tours. Either way, our guided tours will mean you’re supervised by one of our expert leaders. They’ll impart valuable knowledge about your destination, giving you a more personal experience you simply won’t get anywhere else.

What different types of walking holiday do you offer?

We offer self-guided, guided and even private group walking tours.

Our point-to-point walking holidays allow you to cover vast distances, uncovering new scenery each day. Examples include everything from the Peruvian heights of The Inca Trail to the almighty Everest Base Camp Trek.

Want to scale some of the largest heights around the globe? Our summit walking tours will take you up the likes of Mount Toubkal in Morocco and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Alternatively, you might prefer a centre-based walking holiday where you’ll stay in accommodation for the entirety of the trip, giving you a comfortable base. This includes our Walking the Amalfi Coast and Mont Blanc Highlights walking tours.

While many of our walking trips are 16+, we do offer several family walking holidays too.

Where can I go on a walking trip to?

You can embark on walking holidays in Europe or stay closer to home with a walking tour in the UK. Want to go further afield? Browse our full selection of walking and trekking holidays, which includes destinations like Peru, Africa and Nepal.

You can also filter your walking preferences by the type of destination you’d prefer, such as any of the following:

What should I wear on a walking holiday?

Every walking holiday is different, so make sure you check your itinerary. Consider the terrain and the weather at your chosen destination and set time aside to research the climate expected during your walking tour.

Sturdy walking boots with good ankle support are essential, as well as appropriate socks to reduce rubbing.

A hot climate will require a sun hat, sunglasses and appropriate clothing, such as shorts and t-shirts made from breathable materials. Walking trips in destinations with hotter climates, such as those in deserts, can plunge to chilly temperatures at night, so be sure to bring layers, particularly if you are camping. Some countries also experience heavy or intermittent rainfall, so a waterproof is recommended.

You should also consider whether your destination requires a more conservative dress code. Many of our walking tours integrate cultural activities that may require a shawl or headscarf.

Meanwhile, a snowy climate will demand a warm hat, headband or buff. We recommend two pairs of gloves, with one waterproof pair. Be sure to remember sunglasses, as the sunlight reflecting from the snow can be very intense. Check our winter adventure kit list for more information on clothing and accessories you might need.

What should I take on a walking holiday?

We have an essential walking kit list that highlights items such as SPF and gel plasters. You might consider a first aid kit with painkillers too. Depending on the climate, mosquito spray could come in handy.

If you go for one of our snowshoeing walking holidays, we’ll provide equipment like snowshoes, walking poles and avalanche transceivers.  

What is the duration of a walking holiday?

Walking tours can be as little as a few days or upwards of 12 days if you choose a longer expedition.

Are your walking tours guided?

Many of our trips are guided, but you have the option to choose a self-guided walking holiday if preferred.

What will my group be like during my walking holiday?

If you choose one of our guided small group walking trips, you’ll be in a group of 8 to 16 people. A large proportion of our walking holiday trips are made up of solo travellers, creating a great opportunity to make friends with like-minded people with different stories to share.

What will the accommodation be like on your walking holidays?

Again, this will depend on your chosen tour. You could be camping or staying in a range of unique, locally owned accommodation throughout your tour. This could be anything from mountain huts to farmyards, rural gîtes to hotels.

Will food be provided on my walking holiday?

Most of our trips include food and drink, with some tours allowing you to buy your own if there are services or eateries available. Check the details of your chosen tour to see whether food is included.

Some of our walking holidays are very food-centric and involve related activities, such as wine tasting in the vineyards of Burgundy. So be sure to choose your walking trip based on what you want from the experience.

A fantastic week in Tuscany, the family who ran the Agriturismo were delightful and could not be more friendly, considerate and helpful. The accommodation is fairly basic,but clean and comfortable (as expected). We were worried prior to the trip about the weather, but it turned out to be sunny most of the week! The itinery was just amazing, varied and with some quite incredible walks; especially the last day hiking up Monte Sumbra – unforgetable! The walking group was a great cross section of people, and many laughs were had over the week…..all I can say is it is a ‘must do’ trip!

Lee Brooks Walking in Tuscany

Walks well paced and enjoyable. Guide ensured excellent teamwork. However, due to unseasonal heavy rains the accommodation was unsatisfactory. Despite several requests the owner of the farmhouse refused to turn on any heating. This not only made our nights uncomfortably cold, but gave no opportunity for our wet clothing, bath towels, etc., to dry. In addition we were unable to sit outside and there was no communal area inside to gather. The swimming pool was not ready for our use. I contacted Candice who though sympathetic, was unable to resolve the situation.

Judith Mellor Chianti Walking & Wine

We hiked with a fabulous, congenial and like-minded group. We all got on so well. Our comradery made the trip fun and stimulating. The Villa Casalta is an odd place. Exodus needs to do a site visit or just scrap this villa and look elsewhere.

Perry Como Chianti Walking & Wine

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