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Wildlife Costa Rica

Wildlife Holidays in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Wildlife Holidays

Discover Costa Rica

15 Days from 3 499 €

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Experience the Costa Rican rainforest, mountains and coast


Costa Rica's Coastal Secrets

Wildlife Holidays in Costa Rica
15 Days from 4 349 €

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Unrivalled wildlife viewing and Costa Rica's coastal wonders 


Natural Highlights of Costa Rica

8 Days from 2 349 €

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Jungles, mountains and coast: Costa Rica is a natural paradise


Costa Rica Adventure

Hanging bridges
15 Days from 4 079 €

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Natural highlights from the Caribbean to the Pacific Coast.


We have been on several holidays with Exodus and this trip was up with the best! We were astounded by the amount of wildlife we saw on the 10 day trip. The gorillas were the obvious highlight for us but we didn’t expect to get so close. There were two silverbacks, one blackback, four females and two babies, some of which came within touching distance of us. The trackers and trekkers couldn’t do enough to make our encounter special and we felt privilidged to be in this beautiful and remote part of the country. No matter what your level of fitness, the guides made it possible for everyone to reach a family of gorillas and sightings were just about 100 % guaranteed. The chimps encounter was also amazing and again so close up. Aa well as these two days, the rest of the holiday did not disappoint as we embarked upon safaris in the Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kibale forest spotting hippos, buffalos,elephants, lions, giraffes and we were lucky enough to see two leopards and a tree climbing lion. We embarked on two cultural tours in the community and saw how the villages lived and worked and were overwhelmed by their friendliness towards us. The whole trip was an immersion into culture and wildlife and it was hard to believe what we saw and experienced in less than two weeks. Our guides, Robert and Sam were excellent and worked so hard on our behalf and everyone in the hotels were very accommodating, looking after our every need. There were some superb hotels on this trip and only one didn’t come up to the mark. There were some long transfers during the holiday but the scenery and culture seen along the way helped pass the journey and Robert and Sam were great at stopping frequently for breaks and leg stretching!! If you want to experience the culture and wildlife of this vast and beautiful country, don’t hesitate to book. You will not be disappointed!!

Jacqui Cottom Chimps & Gorillas of Uganda

A wonderful trip with some long days of driving but these were mostly broken by regular stops, including some quirky lunch spots. Vancouver and Vancouver Island in particular are stunningly beautiful.

Patricia Little Whales & Bears of British Columbia

A superb trip visiting some of Borneo’s national Parks and remaining rainforests. Every day a different highlight. We saw some amazing flora and fauna from the big (elephants) to the small (lots of frogs). In between we saw wild orangutans, at least 70 different species of birds topped by 7 different hornbills, reptiles (yes crocodiles), lizards and beautiful butterflies. And, of course, stunning rainforest.

Anne Lambert Borneo Wildlife Discoverer