Leopard in Botswana

Big Cats

Prowling the plains, lazing on a branch, stalking their prey: nothing beats seeing these elegant predators in the wild

Big Cat Safari Holidays

Nothing raises the pulse quite like seeing a big cat stalking through the grass. For size, nothing beats the elusive male Bengal tiger. They are solitary animals and their camouflage makes them extremely hard to spot. But in the open they appear flame-coloured orange. And there’s Africa’s symbolic lions, the nimble ocelots of South America and rare snow leopards in the ancient Himalaya.

Beautiful yet savage, cunning yet indolent, big cats are as enigmatic as they are intoxicating. Our big cat wildlife trips could take you to see tigers in India, ocelots and jaguars in South America, snow leopards in the Himalaya, and the lions, cheetahs and leopards of Africa.

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Our Big Cat Safaris

Discover Sri Lanka

200 reviews

Spend two weeks exploring the delights of this diverse and inspiring island

Activity level:
Leisurely / Moderate
Ages: 16+
15 Days from $2,649 USD
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Namibia 4WD Desert Safari

26 reviews

True wilderness safari in Namibia's remote northwest where animals outnumber people.

Activity level:
Ages: 16+
13 Days from $5,449 USD
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Kenya Photographic Safari with Paul Goldstein

69 reviews

2021 + 2022 Dates: Adventure through the lens of your camera and witness the circle of life firsthand in Kenya during Africa’s great migration along with award-winning photographer, speaker, conservationist, and legendary expedition leader Paul Goldstein.

Activity level:
Ages: 18+
7 Days from $7,679 USD
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Your Words, Not Ours: My First Cheetah

“After my first game drive I was completely spellbound… I will never forget seeing my first cheetah, pink-faced from a recent feast, resting out in the open under a flat-topped acacia tree, completely oblivious to its astounded audience.” 

Exodus traveller Sue Millar, Classic Kenya 4WD Safari

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