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Adventure Holidays to Zanzibar

The name 'Zanzibar` conjures up images of exotic spices, palm-fringed beaches, slave trading, and the narrow streets of Arabic bazaars. Arabs arrived in the 8th century, intermarried with the existing population, and created the Islamic culture that still predominates in Zanzibar today. Zanzibar Island lies 35km from the mainland and was governed by a Sultan until 1964, when the island joined with the ex-colony of Tanganyika to form modern day Tanzania. The main town of Zanzibar, known as 'Stone Town', has atmospheric mosques, alleys filled with colourful shops, and a lively waterfront atmosphere. Cloves and many other spices are grown in the lush interior of the island whilst coral reefs, simple fishing villages, and unspoilt beaches are to be found along much of the beautiful coastline. Zanzibar is a place to stroll through the streets or along the beach, to explore the colourful reef offshore, or to simply relax and soak up the sun!

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