Group near the Saddle on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


As wide as all the world, great, high and unbelievably white in the sun, was the square top of Mount Kilimanjaro.’ Ernest Hemingway.

Why Kili?

There is nothing quite like it anywhere else on Earth. The world’s tallest freestanding mountain and the only place on land where you can clearly see the curvature of the Earth! It is a challenge, no doubt, but the rewards for those who climb Kilimanjaro are immense - the friendly welcome and endless encouragement from the Chagga guides and porters, the warmth of the sun rising over Africa, and that final sense of achievement are unbeatable.

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Why Exodus?

Our local partners in Arusha have worked with Exodus for many years and have such a strong reputation as the best on the mountain, that the 2009 Red Nose Day celebrity climbing-team chose them to help them get to the top. Richard Marsden and Ngaya Mboya are the driving force behind the running of our local operations.

They have a huge passion for the mountain, and the health, education and well-being of our Tanzanian porters and guides. Together we have set the standards for best practice on Kilimanjaro while working closely with the National Park in helping all to benefit. 

We sponsor a local porter project and pay one of the highest salaries on Kilimanjaro. We also offer one of the highest guide to client ratios on the mountain, 1 guide to 2 clients, and carry portable oxygen to treat altitude sickness, should this be needed. With numerous office staff who have summited, some over 30 times, we can advise you on the right route for your needs.



  • We use 1 guide for every 2 clients on every climb and as such we are one of the very few operators which follow the national park guidelines on climbing Kilimanjaro.

  • Numerous routes from 6- 8 days on the mountain, all with an extra day to the standard trek to aid acclimatisation.

  • Our guides have comprehensive first aid training, and from 1st January 2011 we will carry portable oxygen to treat altitude sickness on all our trips, should this be needed. We sponsor a Kilimanjaro Porter Project and invest in our porters education, sponsor guides to do extra training and pay a fair wage on the mountain. 

  • Henry Stedman the author of Kilimanjaro, the most comprehensive book on Mount Kilimanjaro, has written that our operator/local partner has "a reputation for reliability and an impressively high standard of treks" and amongst the large number of climbing companies is "one of the best on the mountain."

    Kilimanjaro Trekking route map



We climb Kilimanjaro using the Rongai and Lemosho routes in Tanzania instead of Marangu or Machame because:

  • Both are quiet, wilderness routes, well away from the crowded climbs. Only 10% of those climbing Kilimanjaro climbers ascend by these two routes.
  • Both traverse the mountain using different ascent and descent routes, so no back tracking, giving time to explore the different climatic zones, wildlife and scenery.
  • We have added extra days to the standard itineraries set by the National Park to help aid acclimatisation and to help you reach Uhuru Peak, at 5895m (19340ft) the highest point in Africa.
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