Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina

The reincarnation of this Eastern European gem is complete: prepare to be surprised

Tours in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) lies at the cultural crossroads of East and West, situated between Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. It is one of Europe's most diverse nations, its history moulded by the meeting of the Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations from the East with the Romans and Austro-Hungarians from the West. In March 1992, BiH became an independent nation, an act that led to war between the Bosnian Croats and Muslims (who wanted independence) and the Serbs (who didn't). Three years of war ravaged the country, but in 1995 a peace agreement was signed and the long rehabilitation process began.

Today, it is a warm and welcoming country, and Bosnia & Herzegovina holidays offer magnificent architecture in thriving cities such as Sarajevo and Mostar, with equally varied cuisine reflecting its past. Further afield, a country of rugged scenery awaits, including soaring mountains, rural communities and tranquil pastures.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina Adventure Holidays

Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegvina

Bosnia & Beyond

Experience the cultural variety and natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

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In focus: Cycling in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The rich natural and cultural diversity of the Balkans creates the kind of variety you rarely find on European rides. This fascinating route provides the opportunity to visit three very different countries as we head from Bosnia to Montenegro, travelling over the Dinaric Alps, and finally to Dubrovnik, on Croatia's Adriatic Coast.

The largely uncrowded roads allow for glorious views, a few good challenges and the opportunity to visit many cultural highlights along the way, including the historic city of Mostar. The trip concludes in the magnificent city of Dubrovnik, famous for its ancient city walls, marbled streets and baroque architecture. Bosnia & Herzegovina tours will live long in the memory. 

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