Cheetah in Namibia

African Wildlife Foundation Collection

From the countless big cats of Namibia’s exquisite desert landscapes and the chimpanzees and gorillas of Uganda’s remote 

AWF Craig and Carter

jungles to wildlife-rich flood plains of the Zambezi River and Ethiopia’s historic highlands, Africa is a land of contrasts unlike anywhere else in the world.

Since 1961, AWF has been helping local communities to recognize the benefits of conserving wildlife, rather than viewing it as a threat to their livelihoods. By working together on this collection of safaris, not only will you enjoy incredible wildlife experiences, you’ll have the unique chance to visit AWF classrooms and witness firsthand the different conservation efforts supported by AWF. 

On each of these carefully curated itineraries, you’ll be joined by one of AWF’s knowledgeable guides. Carter Smith and Craig R. Sholley share a passion for wildlife conservation in Africa which has spanned decades. From Carter’s years living in the bush rehabilitating birds of prey and working closely with Sir Iain Douglas-Hamilton on Save the Elephants, to Craig’s work studying Mountain gorillas with Dian Fossey at Rwanda’s celebrated Karisoke Research Centre, acting as scientific advisor for the award-winning IMAX film, Mountain Gorilla, and most recently, serving as senior vice president of AWF, they each have a long-standing love affair with this spectacular continent making them the perfect guides for your adventure


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