Christian Orthodox church in Old Orhei, Moldova


A country on the cusp of continents, with wineries and countryside that will surprise and delight

Tours in Moldova

Moldova is one of Europe's least-visited countries. Sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, this overlooked gem has always been caught in the middle of an East/West game of tug of war.

Holidays to Moldova should include the capital Chișinău, a city that has struggled to shrug off its Soviet past. In the end, this becomes part of its charm, and its architecture is surprisingly evocative for a city razed to the ground by the Second World War and a devastating earthquake. Other areas are proud of their Soviet roots: ‘independent’ Transnistria is stridently distinct, and the best Moldova tours take in a bit of both! The countryside is lovely, boasting historic monasteries and one of the world’s largest wineries, meaning holidays here offer the perfect blend of rural and cosmopolitan experiences.

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Moldova Adventure Holidays

An amazing trip to some of the least visited areas of Europe. An interesting visit to Moldova...

John Sharp, 2019 Europe's Frontier: Moldova & Ukraine

An amazing insight into two lesser visited countries, each very different but unusual especially...

Rachel Nockels , 2019 Europe's Frontier: Moldova & Ukraine
A very interesting trip through some less visited parts of Europe
Kate Barnes, 2018 Europe's Frontier: Moldova & Ukraine
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