cuban Highlghts tour leaving 14th nov


anyone else going on this?


I am, Melanie... me and a friend of mine from work, Caroline. I'm 30, and she's 27... we're really looking forward to it, but are not massive cyclists... you?


Whooops! I've just realising I'm leaving a week before you... sorry!


Thanks for note-sorry you wont be going same time but hope you both have a great time

Hi folk

My husband and I are getting ready for the Cuban Highlights trip. Anyone out there going as well? Gail

Hi everybody!! I'm Andy and going on my own with all of you. Really looking forward to it!!

Hi Mel,

I cycled Vietnam/Cambodia last year and found that padding is essential. If anything just to be able to sit down comfortably for a mojito or any drink during and after each day's riding.

Best not to wear padded shorts and padded underwear at the same time. Wear one or the other as it's more comfortable. For guys it's not so bad only wearing padded shorts but for girls best to have cotton underwear under your padded shorts. Anything more and they ride or roll up and gets annoying. As it'll be warm and humid that's probably best solution.

As for flying out via Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport will be the last to stop so lots of things would need to happen before long haul flights are affected. Plenty of time for things to improve and you can look forward to an awesome trip. I know I am!

Looking forward to meeting you all and having an awesome trip.

Is your flight an Air France due to arrive 1745? If so I should be on it too! I fly from Manchester via Paris. Howard


Andy thanks for your really helpful advice-Im really geting excited aswell esp as you hear from others in the group.
Hi Howard yes Im on the same flight from paris to havana so perhaps we could look out for each other in paris-are you really tall or more the exact opposite/ have you thought how to transfer from the airport as the main group will have gone alrwady-do you reckon it could be worth asking to book in advance or just fght for a taxi-my spanish is not great!
2 weeks to go!

yes, I am quite tall, and I could wear a red stripey shirt for ease of ID! I had been thinking that meeting up with someone else from Exodus for morale support, particularly in Havana entry control, might be beneficial.
I am actually on the 2 week cycle trip, but Karol at Exodus told me that both cycle trips are at same hotel (Occidental Mirimar) on the first night?
I have booked a taxi to the hotel through Exodus, and I think it has spare seats. I have to go to an office in the airport to pick up ticket, but you are welcome to share it.
Am looking forward to replacing Yorkshire wind, cold and mud for Cuban sun, dust and sweat.
Adios, Howard


Hi Howard
thanks for that offer -its a weight off my mind to have someone else to get through customs with. If its ok with you I will check with Karol in the office if I need to pay extra to share yor taxi and that there are spare seats-if not can settle up with you at the time.
Got some padded cycle shorts yday-had i realised they were such a flattering fashion item I would have bought some yrs ago!!
havent yet planned my wardrobe so dont know what I'll be wearing but Im 5ft 6in blond and 40ish so that might narrow the choices and i'll look out for you
2 weeks and we will almost be there!!
mel x


Hi Howard
sorry to be a pain but the exodus office say I cant just simply share a lift but tat you have to mail them or call them and say its ok for me to share so they can contact the company and amend-i know its a nuisance but are you able to do that please/

No problem. I have spoken to Karol and he says he will sort it and confirm that to you. See you in Paris. Howard

In case you didn't know or you haven't got it, there is a requirement to carry proof of Health Insurance for our trip when we enter Cuba. If we don't we will need to purchase it when we get there. Plenty of scope to be taken for a ride!!

Most travel insurances have it included but it needs to specifically say you have it. I've only just found out from my insurance provider.

Really looking forward to it!!


Hi Howard
thanks fo sorting the taxi-should be mre interesting waitng at customs with smeone else and I will look out for you in paris
Thanks for that advice Andy -I think t best to make sure I have the relevant info highlighted
looking forward to meeting you both v soon

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