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Adventure holidays in Tunisia

Top destinations in Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said

Top trips in Tunisia

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and family holidays to Tunisia. Tunisia is a North African delight, offering stunning scenery and a fascinating culture: trekking in the Sahara; voyages of discovery through ancient Roman remains; family adventures f... Read more

eaturing camels, desert camps and crocodiles. Activity holidays in Tunisia offer that little bit more.

1. Trek in the Sahara desert

North Africa is synonymous with the Sahara desert. No trip to Tunisia would be complete without exploring the dunes of the world’s largest desert. Once you acclimatise to this incredible landscape, you realise its not all just sand - the remote valleys, rolling dunes and refreshing oases all display astonishing diversity. A Saharan trekking holiday is one that will be vivid in your mind forever.

2. Family desert adventures

From the Mediterranean coast to the Sahara, Tunisia is a fabulous setting for family adventure holidays. With its rich archeological sites including countless Roman remains, Tunisia mixes culture with an element of adventure and fun. With camel rides, crocodiles and desert safaris it’s like jumping straight into an Indiana Jones movie. A top Saharan highlight is camping out in traditional Bedouin tents. After a day of camel trekking, sleep out under the stars among the immense dunes.

3. Visit the caves of Matmata

The incredible caves of Matmata are home to several thousand troglodytes (cave dwellers), as well as being base for a young Luke Skywalker. It might sound a bit gimmicky with its film sets and everything, but get there early and you beat the heat and the crowds and get appreciate the beauty of these unique dwellings.

4. Soak up Sidi Bou Said

The modern city of Tunis includes ancient Carthage as well as the area of Sidi Bou Said. A quaint district of cobbled streets and giant eucaplyptus trees, it is perched at the top of the city. Overlooking the glimmering Mediterranean Ocean, its whitewashed walls dripping with bougainvillea and jasmin make it worth the visit alone.

5. Visit the ancient city of Carthage

Tunisia boasts some superb Roman ruins, among them the legendary city of Carthage. The birthplace of Hannibal, the original city was almost razed to the ground by the Romans. Caesar rebuilt it a century later and the city grew to be the third largest in the entire Roman Empire. Much still remains as a reminder of the past.

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