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It's good to see that some of you have discovered the forum and are hopefully finding some of the comments useful. If you've got a travel story, a travel tip or would like to meet (virtually) your fellow travel companions before you depart, then why not post it here.

Anyone can read the items posted on the forum, but to post your own item or to respond you'll need to register a few details on My Exodus.

This should help to keep the forum clear of spam and focused on the pleasures of travel - which is what we all want to read!

Keep your comments/suggestions coming on the website generally too - they're all welcomed.

Natasha, Exodus


It would be good if we could get a notification by email if someone responds to a forum posting.  That way we don't have to login everyday to check if there is a post but can go there if we receive a notification. 



Hi Purnima

I agree! We are continually developing the new website, and the area that is currently being worked on is 'My Exodus', to be followed by the Community. We have only a small team, so bear with us, but one of the improvements we plan to make is email notification of any responses to your postings on the forum.

Natasha, Exodus


Is there any way that you can change the way new messages are recorded? If you are not reading a thread the messages still show as new regardless as to whether or not you've looked at the site since. Or is it because I selected remember me and I'm not actually logging out?


Hi Beverley

This sort of thing is being built into the development of the Community. I know the layout and style is not that user friendly at the moment, but I am sure you will like the improvements we make. There are some other projects that are having to take priority at the moment, but i'm hoping you'll have a new look layout to the Community in April.

Natasha, Exodus

How long will you keep messages in the DL section? Can we amend our own comments if circumstances change after posting? Can we delete if we feel it has been there long enough? 


Hi Catislyn,

Good question!

We have no plans to delete any of the threads added by forum users. It help both, us and our customers, to have access to all the thoughts/comments/suggestions added by forum users. If you noticed we have already started archieving past threads in the Departure Lounge.

You cannot unfortuanelty make changes to your forum entries but I can make changes for you! (Just email me and i'll get these done.)

If you want you can also get your comments deleted. Again email me if there is anything you want to delete.


Is it possible to amend a posting or even delete it ?  I put a couple on the Departures forum that have now been overtaken by events and are no longer appropriate !


Hi Safariman,

Please feel free to email me the changes at [email protected] and I'll get these done for you.

Simply copy the threads, make the necessary changes and email me and I'll do the rest.



hi there

just wanted to say i mean  i am confused ,,, i get  mails from noreplies saying that i have messages .so when i sign in and see the messages i can't find any .just the same thing everyday ...

so is the message that come s belongs to i mean is for me .


 the messages are from any one who writes  in in the departure lounge.

any ways thanks .take care



jangbu dawa


Hi Dawajangbu,

I have emailed you the details seperatly. Please check your email for the details.

Adding this information for other users as you have a point.

The emails you get from no [email protected] are for the threads you have created, or participated at some stage in the past. These automated emails provide you with a link so that you can be go straight to the thread where a response has been posted by other My Exodus users.

You can always disable Compass Cafe forum related emails (should you wish) by following these steps.
Log in to My Exodus.Click on My Exodus tab (top right of the page). This will take you to My Exodus page.Click on the last tab - labelled My Emails. Uncheck the 2nd last item on the page, 2nd item under heading - Other Emails. With Exodus you have complete control over what emails you want to receive from us.

Hope this will help. Any problems them please email me at [email protected]





I have the opposite problem. I don't receive notification of replies to threads or the episodes newsletter (and I have checked that it's not my email account blocking them). 

I also can't edit my profile. Why is this?




Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

It seems that back in November 2008 you have unsubscribed from our emails and that is why you don't receive Episodes or the automated emails related to the forum threads from this website.

I have changed your email permissions and hopefully you'll start receiving these emails from us now.

I'll also get your profile issue checked too and let you know soon.




I am interested on going on safari in August - there seems to be a choice between Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya  - and i dont know what to go for, does anyone have any suggestions. Would prefere leisurely/moderate or leisurely~! The trips all seem quite expensive - over £2000! But i am hoping it will be worth it providing i can find the right trip. Want to see wildlife, dont mind camping, although would possibly seek alterative!


Hi Carrie,
I went to Kenya in June and it was just amazing. I'll recomment these two trips if Kenya is one of your options. Classic Kenya Safari (Trip Code: AYM) and over very Gorillas and Masai Mara trip (Trip Code AYU). Just search for these trip codes in the rearch field above. August is a great time to be in Mara with migrating herds in the area. It is probably the best time for game viewing in the Mara.



Great place. Glad to be here =)

Just wanted to sound off.  You sent me an e-maiil - Autumn Half term Offers - great. BUT, I'm not a family, so am not allowed on your family jaunts, though I wouldn't mind.  HOWEVER, I'm a teacher, so am also tied to school holidays.  It just irritates me when travel companies assume that all school holiday offerings should be geared to families!

 There, I've got that off my chest.  Feel better now!

It drives me nuts that people post questions (and answers) in the wrong forum. For example, people are posting specific questions about a trip in this thread on the forum. I've found lots of useufl info in the wrong place, usually too late. If someone posts a question or comment in the wrong place (Departures instead of Arrivals, etc) can you not move it to the appropriate place and let people know? It would make it much easier for users of these forums to find what they're looking for.


Anybody recomend the apropriate comfort temperature rating for an Everest base camp trek departing in Nov please?


Hi there

Am a tad confused as when looking at the DL ( eg April 2014) it tell me there are 3 posts yet I can only see one ( which is mine ) ??/




Enjoy these days!

My wife and I are booked to do Everest base camp in April. Now the advice is not to fly with Nepal airline.
My questions are
1 if we still chose to do the trip how will our insurance be affected.
2 what has changed to make the British government. Offer this advice now
3what is the general opinion of other clients due to fly from Kathmandu to lukla


I have been trying to post a new topic in DL for April 2014 but it is not showing up.  Can anyone help?


Me too I have tried twice , I am registered etc and tried looking in other forums but not there weather, any thoughts?


Me too I have tried twice , I am registered etc and tried looking in other forums but not there weather, any thoughts?


Hi all,

Thanks for using this forum.

Just to let you know that we are getting hundreds of unwanted/spam posts regularly on the site. We are now having to manually approve your posts to keep spammers out.

I have just approved many after going through hundreds of marketing messages that shouldn't be on this site.

Your messages will be posted but there is a delay which we are trying to reduce.

Exodus Marketing Team

Hi, Booked on The Cachalote yacht in the Galapagos in March 2015. I'm wondering if anybody knows the facilities for recharging digital cameras etc, on board. I'm assuming there are but are there numerous sockets. I can imagine everyone on board wanting to use the facility. Thanx in anticipation.

I was due to do a trek to EBC this month, and am lucky to have been forced to cancel considering the very sad news received today about the earthquake and subsequent Avalanche at EBC. Is there any news on my fellow Trekkers/climbers please?

Is anybody doing the Inca Trail from the 5th of September 2015. I am travelling alone for the first time and would appreciate any contact with likewise travellers.

I post two comments regarding two trips I'm going on later this year. Can I find them, no I can't. This is a most unfriendly website. Is it going to be made more user friendly?

Geraldine, Please check your 'months of travel' in the Departure Lounge forum, which is where you should post your comments/topics. We have moved them there for you.
Exodus Web Team

I must appreciate your work well done keep it up.

My trip is not listed in the trip drop down menu.  Trip code is ADP. 

Thank you, Donna

I cant seem to find Petra and Wadi Rum by bike on the dropdown? Thx

Thanks for using this forum.


Just came by to add a post for my trip to Greece, and there's no Sept 2020 folder... please add it.  Thanks, Andy.

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