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Worth More Alive IV - They're still dying...


An update for all those who have helped, perspired, donated and cheered for the Tiger man this year - Paul Goldstein has raised just shy of £8000 to date.  Running two marathons in one week, in a 9ft Tiger suit is no mean feat and he did it with pride and passion for these endangered animals.

To read about his efforts in Brighton click here, and for London here.

And there is still time to donate, so if you've got any spare change or feel that now is the time, you can donate here.


They're still dying... Tiger

The plight of the Bengal tiger is not over, and so Paul Goldstein’s fight continues.  As many of you may know, Exodus and Paul Goldstein have been campaigning for years to help fight the risk of extinction of these striped feline predators.

Due to poachers, who believe that the tiger can provide remedies as ‘tradition medicine’, for lacking libidos, strength or luck – means that the act of poaching is rampant.  The human-tiger conflict is rife and despite their desperately low numbers and concerted efforts to protect them, they are still suffering.


Tigers need Tourism

Our aim is to provide thousands of pounds to Friends of Conservation. This money will ultimately be used to service Bandhavgarh Park, helping local communities and ensuring that poaching is restricted. Thus helping to preserve the ever decreasing numbers of Tigers in India. 

After four years of campaigning, Paul and Exodus have raised over £80,000 for this just cause.  It’s an incredible achievement and only one we could have reached with all your support and donations. Truly a massive thank you from us all here at Exodus.

But, as Paul says, is it ever enough? The simple answer is ‘No’.  And that is why we continue…

If you would like to donate to this ever important cause the donation page is set up on the Just Giving website


1 Week - 2 Marathons - 2 Species

Paul Training in KenyaPaul has put himself through the proverbial ‘ringer’ to raise more and more money, year on year, for the Tiger’s on-going battle.

From the very beginning, Paul knew it was going to take a lot more than rattling a charity tin to get the campaign going and to inspire people to get involved.  Thus, the now-famous tiger suit was born. From conception, Paul knew he wanted it to be as realistic as possible to attract attention whilst on his ‘Worth More Alive’ mission.  From running 4 marathons in a week, to running a marathon, then climbing Kilimanjaro just to join another marathon in a week – Paul is not shy of a challenge and has taken the Tiger with him every step of the way (the tiger even got a seat on Kenya Airways!).

Now in its 4th year, Paul will be running again for the Worth More Alive IV campaign.  His passion is still strong, his commitment unrivalled, and his devotion to saving tigers relentless.  Why? Because tigers really are WORTH MORE ALIVE.

2013 sees Paul training once again, around 2 marathons in one week.  We’ve had news from Kenya - he’s been training hard with local staff and local zebras.  Just the usual marathon training regime then, Paul?


Numbers Up...

Brighton Race number                 14 April 2013            8069    
London Race number                   21 April 2013            39457

If you happen to be at either marathon you can plot Paul's progress with these race numbers - there are some fancy computer chips attached to the running shoe which tells you where he is on the course and how many pedestrians are overtaking him, apparently!

"Seriously training is painful as it should be for a fifty year old, but the cause is still strong. Below are some images of a six month old tiger cub taken last May in Bandhavgarh proving they can be born and thrive in the wild."

                 tiger cubs

£1 for Tiger Found 

So if you're planning on watching the Marathons, whether in the comfort of your own home or on the sidelines at the actual events keep an eye out! As always, we'll be donating for those sighting the famous tiger running in the not-so wild marathons.  £1 for Tiger Found continues this year, so let us know you've seen Paul running either by Facebook, Twitter or email us at [email protected].  And if you take a photo - we'll donate £2!! Every little helps, as they say!

And if that isn't enough, you can donate to Paul Goldstein's 'Worth More Alive IV' Just Giving webpage here.               

                    Worth More Alive IV logo


If you would like to donate to this ever important cause the donation page is set up on the Just Giving website

Tiger Predator






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