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Walking & Trekking Holidays

Exodus are the world’s leading walking and trekking holiday specialists. Trekking and guided walking holidays are in our DNA, and we have been designing walking and trekking tours and expeditions for over 40 years. From our first few treks through the Nepalese Himalaya, our walking holidays have come from humble beginnings to being... Read more

the best walking holidays programme worldwide. Our trekking leaders are some of the most experienced trekkers on the planet today, and long-running relationships with our local partners in each country ensure we are always giving back to the communities we visit. We use local leaders where possible, stay in locally-owned accommodation and pay some of the highest wages on big peaks like Kilimanjaro.

Exodus offer over 150 of the world's greatest walking holidays and we’ve pioneered exciting new trekking routes, and fine-tuned our old favourite walks and treks to run seamlessly.

About our walking & trekking holidays

Some of our trips are wholly focused on trekking whilst others may simply contain a significant portion of walking days within the itinerary. Our walking and trekking holidays cater for a wide range of abilities: you can stroll from the comfort of your hotel along the Amalfi Coast, challenge yourself one of our Inca Trail Tours, attempt a high-altitude Kilimanjaro climb or even make your way to Everest Base Camp. So, however you wish to spend your valuable holiday time, we have the perfect walking & trekking holiday for you.


  • We have secured the most experienced local partners, the most suitable accommodation and the best leaders for all of our walking tours.
  • In addition to a specialist sales team, our Managing Director and the Heads of Product, Operations and Marketing were all walking and trekking leaders prior to joining our office staff.
  • We are the market leader in worldwide walking and trekking holidays – it’s no wonder that more people trust us more than any other tour operator and so many of you keep coming back for more.

Most of our walking itineraries are fixed departure small group tours, but many of them can be arranged as a private departure. If you don’t find the dates you want, or if you’d like to travel with a group of your friends, family or colleagues, let us know and we can help! See our Private Adventures page for more information.

If you are new to Exodus, read about our adventure holidays to get a feel for what our holidays are like, or if you’d like to find out more about the kinds of holidays we offer, please visit some of the resources below:


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Types of Walking & Trekking holidays

There are plenty of options for Walking & Trekking holidays depending on the pace and style of holiday you want.

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