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Cultural Holidays in Vietnam

Vietnam - a land of kaleidoscopic images: lush paddy fields, colourful people, vast stretches of undisturbed white sandy beaches, the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh and the French occupation. It stretches almost 1,500 miles from the Mekong Delta up to the highlands bordering China, covering a wide range of climates, countryside and ethnic groups. Traversing the length of the country from the tree lined boulevards of the capital Hanoi, through magnificent tropical countryside to the hustle and bustle of Saigon, where twentieth century free marketing is enveloping the city, Vietnam has become one of the most popular adventure holiday destinations in Asia. 


Exodus staff report on an Exodus trip for the Episodes Newsletter

Extracts Magazine - Sasha Reid, Exodus' Marketing Manager, writes about Flavours of Vietnam (April 2013).
Episodes Newsletter - Imran Arshad, Exodus' Web Marketing Executive, writes about Vietnam (August 2008).

Cultural Holidays in Vietnam

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