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CXK 29th Dec

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 09:33

Hi there, any fellow travellers booked on this trip? Can't wait!

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 13:55

Hi Megan. I'm a fellow traveller on this trip. I'm really looking forward to it. I've wanted to have a proper go at cross-country skiing for years. My only previous experience is on day trips as a youngster growing up in Scotland. I never did enough in a season to master even the basics. A concentrated week of it will be great. That's a cool profile picture you've got there. Cath

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 22:08

Welcome to the departure lounge Ibzy. I live in London so I'll be catching the tube or train to Heathrow.

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 22:24

I'm going on this trip too! See you all there (or at Heathrow). Bring on the snow!

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 12:03

I'm coming for the second year running - I went as a rank and very unbalanced beginner last year and had such a great time that I booked as soon as I got back to the UK.  I'm so excited to be back to Kvitavatn.

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