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Kayaking & Canoeing Holidays

Kayaking and canoeing holidays are undoubtedly one of the finest ways to see the world. Enjoy the liberating freedom of life on the water, with your new vantage point giving you a whole new perspective you won’t find on dry land.

Where are the best places for kayak holidays?
Kayaking is as versatile as it is fun. Hop into a river kayak a... Read more

nd you get incredible access to beautiful places; glide downstream through dramatic gorges, or get the adrenaline tackling white water rapids. Sea kayaking takes you out onto the waves, hugging the world’s most beautiful and rugged coastlines – and gives you a chance to see the shoreline in a completely different way.

The Ardeche River is a world-famous kayaking favourite, with dramatic scenery and crystal clear waters. For sea kayaking with an edge, head to Turkey’s Turquoise Coast where the waters are so clear you can see the ruins of the sunken city of Kekova beneath the waves. In Vietnam, there’s few superior ways to enjoy the limestone karst scenery of Halong Bay than to take to a kayak.

Where are the best places for canoeing holidays?
Canoes are larger and more stable than kayaks. The tops are open, and you’ll sit on a raised seat rather than in the cockpit of the boat.

The River Sella has been a pilgrimage for canoe enthusiasts since the 1930s, and it hosts an annual festival to celebrate all things canoe, including a huge race.

Canoe safaris are one of the less intrusive and most gentle ways to see wildlife. You’re able to move almost silently along, almost ignored by the creatures who come to the water to drink. Along the Zambezi you’ll see majestic elephants, sunbathing crocodiles and hippos wallowing in the shallows all from your canoe.

Why canoeing and kayaking?
Canoeing and kayaking holidays are some of the lowest impact adventures you can have. Forget carbon footprints or soil erosion, these adventures are without a doubt sustainable and responsible ways to discover the world. Did we mention they’re great fun too?

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