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Adventure holidays in Japan

Top destinations in Japan

Mount Fuji
The Japanese Alps
Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

Top trips in Japan

Holidays to Japan are sure to ignite any traveller's wanderlust. It is place simultaneously steeped in centuries of highly revered traditions and a pioneering force at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, hurtling at breakneck speed towards the future. 

The cities are mesmerising, with Kyoto's haven of temples, shrines and gardens, or downto... Read more

wn Osaka's kaleidoscope of colourful adverts and bustling streets. But holidays in Japan are about the perfect balance, and all Japan holidays should take in the phenomenal natural beauty of the nation, from the perfect cone of Mount Fuji to the near-magical onsens, or thermal pools, which dot the countryside. 

Japan holidays are incomplete without taking the time to savour the cuisine - seafood lovers will adore holidays in Japan for the fresh flavours of sushi, and who could resist the perfect bowl of udon or soba noodles after a long day exploring? With the highest number of Michellin starred restaurants, it's no wonder holidays to Japan often focus on the food, but there's the drink to consider too - from the highly nuanced and ritualistic tea ceremonies to sipping traditional, warming sake. 

Japan has four distinct seasons, each with their own appeal, and when planning holidays in Japan it's best to pick which excites you best. You could go in spring, when one of nature's greatest phenomenon is happening. The sakura, or cherry blossom, is spectacular, and many holidays to Japan are timed to celebrate the beautiful blush of delicate pink blossom which coats the country. In summer, the Japanese Alps are at their best and walkers can head out on two feet to follow ancient trails rich with history. Less well known is the autumnal koyo or autumn leaves - a stupendous burst of colour across the forests. Japan holidays timed to catch these colourful displays are guaranteed to make you reach for your camera, to capture the memories forever. 

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Private Adventures

As well as our range of fixed departure group holidays, did you know we can also arrange adventures for you, your friends and family on dates to suit you? In many cases we can modify our standard itineraries, upgrade the accommodation, or add on a few days for relaxation at the end. See our Private Adventures page for more information.

Private Adventures - your words, not ours...

We booked our trip 6 months in advance and Paula was extremely helpful and efficient in arranging a private trip for our 2 families on dates that we requested. Our local guide Antonio and driver Alan were friendly, helpful, professional and went to infinite trouble to give us a fantastic holiday.
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