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Turquoise Coast Family Adventure Holiday July/Aug 2014

  • In the Saklikent Gorge.
  • Mud is good for your skin????
  • Crazy swim down the Saklikent rapids (optional!!!).
  • Pataya beach with our new family friends.
  • Kids having fun!
  • Kayaking fun!
  • Kayaking together from the beach.
  • In the mountain village we played football and games with the children.
  • Mother and Grandmother make us bread.
  • Our guide's puppy- a rescued street dog!
  • Food in the mountain village was very tasty.
  • On the high rope park!
  • Our Hotel Oreo
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh!
  • Roman ruins near Pataya beach
  • Our family group.
  • Our guides(and puppy!)  and driver.
  • Our favourite street in Kas.
  • Scuba try-dive.
  • I'm OK!
  • It was fun searching for fish!
  • A meal out near the gorge in a very colourful restaurant!
  • The Lycean tombs we visited- only a short walk from the beach on the first day.
  • Caretta caretta
  • Sleeping under the stars in the mountain village was beautiful!
  • A visit to the Turkish Baths is an optional MUST- the oil massage is wonderful and they even do a mini-massage and treatment for the children. The cost is a fraction of that paid at home!
  • A view from our hotel out over the Mosque.
  • A view over our hotel pool.
We have just returned from our second Exodus Family holiday. Our first was to Thailand and it really was the holiday of a lifetime but this Turkey holiday was fabulous too! I would thoroughly recommend families to try it! We did debate about whether it was worth paying the extra for Exodus to organise our holiday when it was not so far flung but we're really glad we did! It was all well worth it and, as you'll see from the photos, we had a brilliant time!

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