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AYX - Photographic Safari Dec 2013

  • Wild dog pup - taken at Laikipia (extn to trip)
  • Wild dogs - Laikipia
  • Hyena cubs are cute!
  • Bath time
  • Bat-eared fox
  • My first caracal!
  • Golden Caracal
  • great Serval sighting too!
  • Cheli pride lioness and cubs - Mara North
  • Those day old cubs!
  • Shadow Play!
  • didn't want a bath Mum!
  • Narasha - flying high!
  • another hare-raisinf pic! Narasha's 2 sub-adults go it alone
  • Hare today!
  • Leopard and 3-week old cubs - Mara North
  • on the prowl
  • 'I want one, just like that!'
  • Zebra explosion!
  • Where's mum?
  • only in the Mara do you get these sunsets!
  • At the end of the rainbow - a Exodus photographic trip?
Raining Dogs and Cats and others! Selection of Photos from Dec 2013 Photographic trip (with an extension to Laikipia - for the Wild Dogs shown here).

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