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Tanzania safari

Wed, 06/29/2011 - 19:09

Hi we are doing the classic Tanzania safari and would appreciate any tips regarding visas, money etc that anyone may have.

Tue, 09/13/2011 - 17:17


 You can easily obtain your visa on arrival, last time I checked it was US$50 for most nationalities including UK and EU (US$100 for US citizens), bring the money in US$ cash for ease.

With regards to money issues it's best to bring US$ with you and change some into Tanzanian Shillings upon arrival. Make sure, however, that you bring only US$ notes printed after 2003 as money exchanges are weary of the older notes due to the large number of forgeries. There are also some ATMs in Arusha though, obviously you won't be able to access ATMs elsewhere as you'll be away from towns.

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