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A Week in Jordan departing 12/04/08

Wed, 04/02/2008 - 14:25

Is it really just 10 days to go...I hope you're all better organised than me!

Looking forward to it.


Wed, 04/02/2008 - 14:36

No such luck for me, I'm definitely not organised.  It seems I've been waiting for so long for this trip that I can't quite believe it's nearly here!

 We really can't wait!

(A little apprehensive) Sarah and Col

Thu, 04/03/2008 - 21:48

Well I'm glad to hear someone else is as unprepared as me!

It's a shame they don't release the names of travellers now. I understand the data protection issue, but it always served me as a reminder. I struggle to remember my own name, let alone anyone elses.

Anyway, better go and find my passport. See you both soon :-)



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