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Cycling Holidays

For over 40 years Exodus have been crafting and developing the widest range of cycling holidays across the globe. From relaxing cycling holidays to France to cycling the highest roads over the Himalaya, nothing compares to the freedom of two wheels.

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ou travel at your own pace, has minimal environmental impact and best of all, helps you finish your trip with a massive sense of achievement, and perhaps a little more fitness than when you started.

At Exodus we have a team of dedicated cycling experts who are crafting the perfect adventures by bike and always working to improve our old favourites so there is plenty of variety to get you dreaming. We are passionate about seeing the world by bike, but we understand that different people want different things from a cycling holiday. That is why we have created the largest selection of cycling holidays out there.

Would you like to cycle in a small friendly group with an expert leader or on a non-group, independent holiday where you are the leader? Do you prefer a smooth road or a technical challenging trail? To help you choose your ideal holiday, we have divided our trips into four simple categories.

Choosing your Cycling holiday

Road cycling holidays:

Amble through the vineyards of Chianti, ride to one of the forgotten temples at Angkor, or conquer no less than six 5000m passes in Tibet.

Drop bars:

Ever wanted to join the peloton? Now’s your chance to move up a gear from your normal cycle commute and follow the same historic roads as the pros.

Off-road cycling holidays:

Carve your way down technical Slovenian singletrack, conquer a high mountain pass in the Moroccan desert, or ride with the Masai in Tanzania’s Rift Valley.

Non-Group/Self-guided cycling holidays:

If you’d prefer to travel alone or with your own friends, you’ll enjoy the extra independence and flexibility of a self-guided holiday.

Cycling holidays for Families:

Cycling is the perfect family activity. Either join a group trip and ride with other families or enjoy a more personal experience on a private self-guided trip.

Cycling Fitness Plan

If you are serious about taking on a cycling challenge for your next holiday, or are worried about getting fit in time for your upcoming trip, we have put together a Cycling Fitness Guide to help you on your way. There are stretches to get you warmed up, help with flexibility to keep you free from injury, as well as three strength training plans increasing in intensity relative to your fitness and intended holiday. Whether you are planning to freewheel along the banks of the Loire River or climb the steepest mountains of the Tour de France, make sure you use our fitness plan.

Most of our cycling itineraries are fixed departure small group tours, but many of them can be arranged as a private departure. If you don’t find the dates you want, or if you’d like to travel with a group of your friends, family or colleagues, let us know and we can help! See our Private Adventures page for more information.

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Types of Cycling holidays

There are plenty of options for Cycling holidays depending on the pace and style of holiday you want.

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