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Food & Drink Holidays

For gourmet globetrotters, look no further. Our food and wine holidays will you give you your destination on a plate, a chance to get a real flavour of a country or region. These food holidays aren’t about exclusive, high-end restaurants; they’re about real, authentic flavours, traditional techniques, and recipes handed down through the generations.

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these food holidays, you’ll be breaking bread with the locals, seeing where the ingredients are sourced and even learning a traditional recipe or two. You’ll not just eat, but you’ll discover through each dish more and more about the culture and the customs of the community you’re visiting – and it’s a great way to get talking to the locals and making friends along the way. You’ll visit the places where local delicacies are made, the food markets where they’re sold, and get a chance to try your hand at cookery classes along the way. Our wine tasting holidays have the same ethos – you’ll go beyond just a wine tasting and walk or cycle through the vineyards themselves, meeting the people who follow each wine on its journey from grape to glass.

All Exodus adventures give you the chance to try the local food – these ones make it the centre of attention. These food and wine holidays will ensure you’ll get a real taste for adventure.

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Types of Food & Drink holidays

There are plenty of options for Food & Drink holidays depending on the pace and style of holiday you want.

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