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Thulopatel Village Project


Project Summary


Doloaka District, Nepal. Thulopatel is situated close to Jiri in the Dolaka district and is the home of another of our popular leaders, Sukman Tamang.

Project Objective

In 2004, through donations from our trekkers, we raised enough money to put water pipes into the village. Sukman organised to transport the water pipes, cement and taps to his village and during the summer the villagers laid the pipes. Now all the people in the village have access to fresh water. The objective of this project is to take a committed and effective role in the sustainable development of the village by helping to supply the children with a acceptable school and education.

Who is Involved?

The Tamang people populate the villages in this area and many of our trekking staff come from these villages and Valarie Parkinson (Exodus' Nepal Base Manager).

Explanation of Project and Targets

  • For 2008 Exodus will sponsor the salary of one new teacher for the new classes (£65 per month)
  • We hope to be able to help repair some of the older classrooms, some of which are in dire need of new desks and floorboards


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Project update

In summer 2007 we provided the money for the building of two new classrooms for the Thulopatel Madi Secondary School. Previously, there were only resources to teach up to the age of six years, so any children above that age had to travel to and stay at the district headquarters for their education, which many families could not afford. The Thulopatel school now has 530 pupils and 11 teachers and there is a small library, which we have donated books to for both the children and staff. A parabolic solar cooker was also donated to the school, so that drinks and meals during school hours can be made without having to use wood or kerosene.

The Gaurishankar trek visits Thulopatel on the last day. In December 2007 the group had the chance to officially open the new classrooms. The village provided a magnificent local welcome for us all and the children put on a wonderful traditional dance programme.

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Schoolchildren, Thulopatel school project




Project Summary

Thulopatel school project Thulopatel school projectThulopatel school project
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