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Ladakh Project


Project Summary


Markha Valley Ladakh, Northern India. Ladakh is in the far north of India on the Tibetan Plateau.

Project Objective

Normally Ladakh has minimal rainfall and a desert-like climate, however in the summer of 2006 heavy monsoon rains reached Ladakh and caused devastation in many areas, particularly in the Markha Valley. The whole valley was flooded and many people lost houses, fields and livestock, which was their whole source of income. Several clients who trekked with us last summer in the Markha Valley wanted to help in some way, so together with Chospel, one of our Ladakhi leaders, we have identified a family who needs their house rebuilding. The Thinlespa family have three children and lost their house, furniture and fields in the floods. They are a farming family and depend on their land to grow barley to provide tsampa, which is their staple diet

Who is Involved?

Valarie Parkinson (Exodus' Nepal Base Manager) and Chospel, one of our Ladakhi leaders.

Explanation of Project and Targets

  • Exodus is also providing the family with materials to help rebuild their home and buy furniture
  • A couple of extra rooms will also hopefully be built, which the family can rent out to trekkers thus providing a bit of extra income for them as they will not be able to grow enough food for winter


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Project update

In the summer of 2007 a client who visited Ladakh in 2006 raised enough money to repair and rebuild their home. Anyone booked on our Markha Valley trek will be able to visit the family and see this project. Any further money donated will be used to help more families recover.

Project updates

2007 update

In summer 2007 we are providing the family with materials to rebuild their home and buy some furniture. We will also try and build a couple of extra rooms which they can rent out to trekkers. This will provide a bit of extra income for them as this year they will not be able to grow enough food for winter as they have lost most of their fields.

2006 update

In summer 2006 there was about a month of rain in Ladakh, a part of Northern India, which is at an altitude of 3,500m and which is normally a mountainous desert. The rain destroyed many houses, fields and caused loss of life and livelihood to many families in Ladakh, especially in the Markha Valley.

We are trying to help one family rebuild their home. The Thinlespa family live near Markha Village. There are 6 people in the family, father, mother and 4 young children. They lost most of their house and furniture and fields. The house was made from mud brick, the traditional material for building houses in Ladakh before the rain came. They also lost most of their fields in flash floods. They are a farming family and depend on the barley try grow to provide tsampa which is their staple diet.

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