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Tree Planting in Nepal


Project Objectives

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Deforestation is a problem in parts of Nepal. Although a small part of this is caused by the influx of trekkers, most is down to the growing population's need for fuel and building materials. As well as ensuring that our practices on trek do not add to this problem, we decided to do more by providing financial and practical support for a small scale tree nursery in Braga in the Annapurna region.

Karma, a local man has given us one of his fields and has made a small tree nursery. Karma and his wife collect seeds every year and plant out the saplings. At this altitude (3,500m.) the climate is very harsh - in winter the ground freezes and there is snow. The rate of growth of trees at this altitude is very slow. However, we are managing to keep over 200 saplings alive and growing each year. In 2009 we are hoping to open another small nursery in Gyaru village, which is also on the Annapurna Circuit trail.

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