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Polar Penguins

Polar Adventure with Marine Biologist Annie Inglis

Live Virtual Event August 19th at 12:00 PM EST 

Annie Inglis

Why does a Weddell seal sing? Why are minke whales so inquisitive? Based on a series of her real-life encounters in the Arctic and Antarctic Polar Regions, go on an extraordinary journey from the top of the globe to the bottom with Marine Biologist Annie Inglis as she takes us on an expedition to showcase the curious behaviors, lives, and habitats of marine mammals and wildlife.

Although she's originally from the Australian outback, Annie has spent much of the last two decades observing mammals in both the Arctic and Antarctic. With her experience, passion, and knowledge of mammalian biology and the ecology of the Polar Regions, Annie is thrilled to take you on a virtual learning journey through these unique corners of the planet.

Here, you’ll find an icy wilderness made up of some of the most beautiful and wild scenery you could imagine, enormous icebergs in incredible shades of blue, and, of course, spectacular wildlife including Polar bears, walrus, penguins, seals, and whales.

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