Travelling to India - E Visa Information and Best Place to Get it From?

Hi to everybody :) 

I am planning to travel to India some time next year. Now I know all about the e visa but has anyone here got one? I am not too sure where to buy it from. I know a lot of people get it from the gov website as it is the official site but I know that there are agencies that also do them and I believe the customer service is miles better, I have had bad customer service from the gov website in the past which has put me off buying from there a little.

Now I have been doing my research about different agencies which do visas and from reviews etc I have looked at and

Has anyone bought their visa from either of these websites before? If so, please could you let me know how your experience with them was.

If anyone bought theirs from the gov website and had a good experience then please do let me know also!! 

Thanks in advance guys.

Hi, I got my e-visa in November through the official govt website and it was fairly straightforward.  The only slight difficulty I had was getting the passport photo and passport copy into the requested formats which was resolved by searching the internet for a file converter to download.  (I only have an older IPad to work from so I imagine more up to date computers have this software capability already installed). Once I had the photos in the jpeg and pdf formats I submitted the completed form and had confirmation within 24 hours that my e-visa was granted and available to print off.  An excellent service all round - and no expensive service charges from an agency!  

Regards and happy travels!


Hope you have a great stay in this beautiful country. Been there couple of times and I just feel like going there again and again. Great country, no doubt.

I went through the India Gov site because I was warned off using the sites who look official but are not AND THEY charge on top of the actual cost of the visa. The process online is fairly easy and you can save as you go along and come back to it later or in a few days before completing and sending on line.  Also it is always available on your i- pad, PC, phone or laptop to print off when you need it. I have made extra copies to carry in my case besides the one I will be carrying through border control customs.  Besides all this if I can do it online then anyone can! I am 66 years of age! 

The India e-Visa is an electronic authorization to travel to India for business, tourism, or restorative visits. While applying for an e-Visa, it isn't important to present your international ID or other individual records to the consulate. The e-Visa endorsement will be issued ahead of time electronically before your flight to India. Do My Essay|

We were in Greece on a vacation, but it's important to be informed if they need visas to enter the country, this can ruin a vacation, the best is to buy all inclusive holidays to Greece or India with everything ready, just arrive and enjoy.




You may get Indian Visa from many countries. Online visa India is the best place to get a visa. It is the most trusted site for getting a visa to India. I am working at forskolin free trial website. It deals with supplements for losing weight.   

All foreign nationals entering India need to have a very valid global travel document in the kind of a federal passport with a legal visa got by an Indian Mission or Post abroad. All Personal visa seekers have been asked to make an application to that Indian Visa through on the web application connection, so as to earn a program for receiving the Indian visa.

Hi there,

I've just got my e-visa for India and was a bit unsure about the government site as had been told there are some fake sites which look like the real thing but are not. Because of my uncertainties I got mine through Travcour as this was the other company Exodus recommended.

I paid about £20 extra as they are agents, but I felt secure using Travcour as I could also call them and check I was on the right site. They were efficent and quick so my visa is now all ready to print for my trip.

I hope you have a good time when you go, I'm excited about going to India I've heard so many positive things and this will be my first visit there.

best wishes


derstanding the e-Visa Online Processing for Fastest e-Visa Approval

The Indian e-Visa Online processing is made simple and easy to allow travellers from around the world to travel to india and obtain fast e-Visa approval.

To apply for Indian Visa online you need go through 3 simple steps:

Visit the and fill out the application form with all the details required.Make an online payment using credit/debit card or PayPal.Check your email address. Your e-Visa will be sent to your email.apply e visa

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Hi, I've just gone through the online application process and been granted the Visa for India. I found the experience straight forward - there are a lot of questions but nothing unexpected. It pays to look at the sample form first so you know what information will be needed. You will need to upload a passport style photos (in jpg form) and a copy of the information page of your passport - this must be in pdf form and there is a file size limit. In the end, to meet the limit, I had to paste the image of the passport into a Word document and saved that as a pdf. Make sure you use the official website (given in the Exodus visa information letter) and that you have the sponsor name and hotel details.

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