madagascar sept 16th

anyone else going from Birmingham on sept 16?
can't wait, been on to do list for a long time.

Just wanted to say hi -- I will be joining you in Madagascar, but won't be coming from Birmingham. I live in the US, but have traveled with Exodus many (7) times. I think this is going to be quite an adventure.

What's your name and what made you decide on visiting this destination?


hi, my name is Rosie. Going to see the flora and fauna on Madagascar has been on my wish list for a very long time. Hoping to find someone else flying via Bham.

Nice to meet you, Rosie.

For me the draw was Madagascar's exotic nature -- from the lemurs, to the rocky pinnacles, to the baobab trees. It hasn't been on my list for a long time, but I met someone on another trip in 2014 who went there and raved about it, so here I go!


Hi Rosie & Chuck,

I've just noticed your "Departure Lounge" conversation and would like to add that there are two of us (Ian & Alison) who will be joining you on this trip from the UK and very much looking forward to Madagascar (as we always do with the Exodus trips; we have another in 3 weeks' time :-) ) . Sorry I can't help with the Birmingham departure (I would prefer that airport) - we're going via Heathrow/Paris on Air France. Happy to chat between now & departure.


Hi Ian and Alison,

Nice to hear from someone else on the tour. I will also be flying from Paris to Madagascar on a Delta flight (also listed as Air France flight 934) leaving Paris at 11:10am on Saturday the 16th. Perhaps we are on the same flight, if so it would be nice meet up at the Paris airport. I plan on pre-booking a room for our arrival night (9/16) at the same hotel the tour starts from. If it all aligns, we could also share the transfer from the airport to the hotel - just a thought. Anyway, it's going to be quite an adventure. So, what's the destination of your upcoming Exodus trip? I, too, will be traveling with Exodus in a couple of weeks, to Andalucia on June 17th.

Hi Chuck,

We are indeed on the same flight from Paris - we should arrive at Paris CDG at 8.40 so we have 2.5 hours transfer time when we'd be happy to meet up - I haven't been to CDG for a long time, we'll need to work out how to organise that. I also intend to book into the starting hotel but haven't done so yet - a joint transfer would make sense.

We are off to the Silk Road tour on June 9th - Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan which was recommended by fellow travelers on our last trip (Burma). I'm sure you will enjoy Andalucia, some stunning places.

Hi Ian,

That's great - my flight is Air France 351 from Toronto to Paris CDG arriving at 7:50am (I live near Cleveland, Ohio but it's less expensive for me to drive to and fly out of Toronto than it is to leave from Cleveland). Anyway, once we get closer to our trip (say, August) we can work out the meeting up logistics - the best place is likely to be at the gate. Perhaps when the time comes, we can exchange photos or descriptions so we know who to be on the lookout for.

You will love your trip to "the Stans." I went there in 2012 with MIR Corp (an American company); I found Uzbekistan to be my favorite - loved Bukhara, Khiva, and Samarkand (especially Samarkand). Like you two, I will be heading out on June the 9th - which just happens to be my birthday :-). My tour doesn't start until the 17th, but I'll be spending 8-days in Lisbon and Madrid with a two British women that I met on a previous Exodus trip.

As for the transfer to our hotel, I can book it upon my return from Spain and let the rep know that you two will also be sharing the transfer - that way you can verify that your transfer is confirmed. No need to worry about cost, we can split it 50:50 later - I was told the cost was around 28 British Pounds.

Have a great time in Central Asia and I'll be in touch later this summer!

Hi Chuck,

The meeting, transfer etc all sound great - as you suggest we'll pick the logistics up up nearer the time.

Meanwhile enjoy your Iberian adventure and we'll try our hardest to do the same in the 'Stans' - we'll also celebrate your birthday with an extra nightcap on the overnight flight to Tashkent :-)

hi, this is Rosie again. I too am going on AF934 so would like to meet up at CDG and also share transfer. really looking forward to this trip. My first time with Exodus.

Hi Rosie,

That would be great, AF934 seems like a popular flight for this trip - we'll all work out a plan to rendezvous at CDG nearer the time - looking forward to it already :) BTW This will be our 5th time with Exodus so they do something right!

Hello Ian, Alison, and Rosie

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the transfer from the airport in Antananarivo to the hotel on the night of Sat, Sept 16th. I've booked a vehicle through Exodus that is able to transfer up to 4 people. The cost is 35 British pounds (total), so roughly 9 BPs per person. I will pay for it now and we can settle up later -- as far as I'm concerned, Ian and Alison can be considered as 'one person,' making the cost ~12 BPs per person. At any rate, Carmel (the North Amercian rep) told me to give you my booking number, which is 44179 so you can verify the transfer booking with Exodus' British office. Ian and Alison, do hope you had a wonderful time in Uzbekistan -- I look forward to hearing all about it. I had a nice time on the Iberian Peninsula. Will discuss meet up logistics as we get closer to our departure. BTW, I also booked myself a hotel room at our joining hotel for that Saturday night.

Hello Chuck

We had a great time in the 'stans' thanks, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to compare notes in a couple of month's time.  Thanks for the organising the arrival transfer arrangements, me and Alison are definitely 2 people so happy to split the fare on that basis :)   I'll note your booking reference and mention it to Exodus' UK office when I call this week (mainly to pay) and, as you said, logistics can be arranged later. 



Sounds good -- let me know how you get on and if they're able to confirm the transfer vehicle for four people under my booking number. Carmel is very reliable and thorough, but sometimes glitches do occur especially since I am an ocean away.

Hi Chuck,

We have the first hotel (Belvedere) arranged for the Saturday night so the plan has come together. UK operations weren't particularly interested in confirming transport so we'll place all our trust in Carmel (if worst comes to the worst I'm sure there'll be taxi opportunities galore on the way out of the airport).  The next task will be to organise a meet up in Paris before the flight, we can do that nearer the time I guess but if plans go awry we have seats 51K & 51L on the flight.

Hi Ian,

Great to hear you are booked in to the hotel -- no worries about the transfer as my confirmation says we have a vehicle for 4 people. I couldn't pre-book my seats with Air France unless I paid a fee, so I will wait until 24-hrs before the flight. At any rate, will look to organize a way to meet up at CDG as we get closer to our departure date -- only a couple of months away! Rosie, are you still with us on the transfer?


I am going from Cambridge via heathrow to Nairobi then to madagaskar

Is anyone traveling from anywhere near cambridge so we might share transport to and from heathrow?


Hi Caroline,

Great to hear from another fellow traveller.  We're only 20 miles away from Cambridge (nearer Bedford) but we'll be travelling down to Heathrow on the Friday night and staying over ready for the 6am Air France flight on the Saturday so I don't think a lift share would work this time. Good idea though and it could easily have worked if we were joining you on the group flight.

Ian & Alison

hi Chuck. yes please, i wish to share transfer with you. getting excited now we are getting closer to travelling.

Hi Rosie, i'm getting excited as well. You are in on the transfer -- I booked a vehicle for 4 people: you, me, Ian, and Alison. I've given Carmel, my North American contact, all your names and she assures me she has passed them on to the home office. Ian tried to confirm that with Exodus, but didn't have much success. If you'd like to contact them to try your luck, you can mention my name (Chuck Lawrence) and booking reference (44179) if you wish. Your share of the ride is a little less than 9 GBP or ~11 USD.

Hello Ian, Alison, and Rosie,

We're only a month away from Madagascar so I thought now might be a good time to start planning our meet up at CDG in Paris. I think it'll be simple enough, we should plan on meeting at the gate for the flight to Antananarivo.  Our flight is at 11:10am and I arrive into CGG at 7:50am, allowing for time to head through security and perhaps get a bite to eat, I should be able to meet you all by 9:30-10am. My email address is [email protected], why don't each of you send me a picture of yourselves and I will reply with one or two of my own. That way we will know who to keep an eye out for. Let me know what you all think.


Hi Chuck,

Great idea - I'll send some photos to your email address. I think we'll be there before you in Paris and we'll probably head for one of the coffee shops to pass the time. I need to get a (business) trip to Washington DC next week out of the way then I can start counting down the days to Madagascar ... :)


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