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Introducing Tom Wilkinson

Having spent a few years abroad as a child, Tom has always been interested in travelling, visiting new places and trying new sports and activities.

Each trip and each destination has something to offer, be it the scenery, culture, the activity itself or all of these combined. The travel industry has been a great place to indulge his passion and he counts himself lucky enough to have gone on some fantastic trips in a personal and professional capacity.

Though now settled in sunny suburbia his enthusiasm for discovery is as strong as ever.

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Cross-country in Norway

While Vancouver has been collectively biting its nails over a lack of snow recently, Norway is still heavily swathed in the stuff and could quite easily have filled in the gaps. Clearly, transporting several hundred tonnes of snow across to the other side of Canada could prove tricky, so the Canadians had to settle for a delivery of some of the world’s finest exponents of winter sports. At the time of writing there have been some notable Norwegian performances in the biathlon and the Ladies 10km Free Cross-country Skiing.

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