Any one else booked on this holiday

Hi any one else booked on this trip

Myslef and my wife are really looking forward to it. Are you the leader of the trip?


you must be joking.  I just hope to get to the end of every day! in this heat I guess we have got used to it which is great.  Its made me buy cooler cycle gear though.  I am so so looking forward to it.  A break from kids, dogs, cooking and doing the dishes.  I am from bristol and am 49.  Bringing my own pedals but thats it.  Oh and an italian phrase book...well....When in Rome !  Al


muddy bath

Sorry you must be very confused.  The message from imran was from me.  Imran works for exodus and was helping me put a message up in the departure lounge !!  I am Alison aka Al and am going on the trip with little experience in fact have just noticed today ! that we are flying out of Gatwick! in the am!! ouch 

Yes, we are staying the night before at a hotel near Gatwick. £80 inc the parking. Is offer a lift, but we are not going directly from home - though could get you back (if its just you) (at least to Bath) if you are using public transport.


Hello Alison and MuddyBath,

I'm Karen from the States (New York). I'm flying from Paris-Orly to Pisa on Friday 2 August because I will be in France for work the week of 29 July. I will see you all at the Pisa airport Saturday. I am trying to pack now. Not fun trying to pack for a work trip and a bike trip in as small bag as possible!

Do you happen to know if the Exodus bikes have any bags or racks attached to them? 

Best regards, Karen 

P.S. A little worried about the hills, but at least the distances are reasonable!  

Hi Karen. The bikes don't have bags, but the support vehicle will be accessible at various points of each day's trip. Bon voyage and see you in Pisa. James & Helen.


Hi guys, I'm another Allison aka Al or Ally.  I'm from Hong Kong (kiwi) and holidaying in England at present.  Feeling slightly anxious about the hills, heat as haven't done any training ( I walk a lot).  But looking forward to all things Italian.  A xx      


Hi guys. Al here. I live in Bristol but am actually Irish so we have an international group!  See you in Gatwick in the morning.  Up at 4 am for me so wont be with it or functioning till the evening.  Cant get the pedals off my bike.  Off to the nieghbours to get some spanners and or a strong arm ! CIAO !!

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