Gullet Cruise departing 1st June

Hi There,

We are going on this trip and wondered if anyone else out there was also booked onto it. Would be good to say hi beforehand.

 Annie and Nicky



I'm going on this trip and have the same departure date.  I'm very much looking forward to this and have been counting down the weeks!




Hi Lizelle,

Really good to hear from you. We are looking forward to our trip too, it will be good to meet up with you and the others. Are you flying on the group flight? 6.00am check in! GULP!

See you soon. :-)




Nice to hear from you! Yes, I'm going with the group flight, so I feel your pain for booking in at 06h00!  To make matters worse, Gatwick is a 2 hour commute - on a good day! The good news is, that I have to get up early to go on holiday rather than work. Jipee!

I would like to meet up before hand, a cup of coffee that time of the morning will be brilliant, and knowing myself I'll need the coffee to make me half human!

I wanted to know if you used Exodus before, and if so are the guidance notes the be-all and end-all? I.e. I don't have cycling gloves, and my sunglasses do not have any string to them....

Speak to you soon




Hi There,

Good to hear from you again.

Nicky and I went to Vietnam in March with Exodus. The trip notes aren't a bible at all, we discovered that when trying to apply for a visa to Vietnam :-I    However, having said that I can see why Exodus want to cover themselves and minimise the number of injuries on what is quite an active week's holiday. I did a similar week last year in Chamonix with Explore and I nearly missed out on the canyoning because I had the wrong footwear, the chalet maid lent me her trainers at the last minute so luckily I was allowed to go.  Nicky and I haven't got cycling gloves and are unlikey to get any before we depart, but if I am banned from the cycling I would probably welcome a day lounging on the boat  :-)  however, any cycle hire company worth their salt ought to be able to hire out gloves as well as a helmet if they are required for safety reasons. As for the sunglasses cord, I was a bit bemused by that but bought one anyway, then found another one the other day when I was clearing out a lab at work so I can bring that for you if you wish. :-)

It will be great to meet for a coffee. Are you travelling alone? We are coming down from Sheffield so will be driving to Gatwick on the Sunday and staying at the Sofitel to avoid travelling through the night. Do you know Gatwick at all so you know where we can meet? Have you done any of the activities before???

 Speak to you soon,



Hi Lizelle and anyone else going on this trip,

I have just checked out the breakfast situation post security at Gatwick North and reckon we will be going to Garfunkels to get some maple syrup pancakes and coffee :-)

If you or anyone else wants to join us that would be great.

Anne and Nicky



Thanks for the tips regarding the notes! I'm off to get a few essentials at lunch time so I should be sorted before departure!  I'm going to make the drive from Cambridge to Gatwick that morning, so it will be a long day either way...

Your previous trips all sound very exiting and I look forward to hearing a few of the stories!

Yes, I'm a single traveller so I look forward to meeting up with you guys at Garfunkels.  Those pancakes sounds yum.....

See you in a few days...



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