Tijhza School Project - 27th April to 4th of May Trip

Hi All.

I went to Tijhza last year and had such an amazing time that I knew I would be going back. In order to take more things across for the village such as shoes and clothes I am travelling overland from London to Marrakesh with my friend Diane who was also on the trip last year. If you want to come with us overland, we have booked the Eurostar journey for the 23rd of April from London to Paris so you will have to do that yourself otherwise the rest of the journey will be booked from 23rd of February onwards. Just contact me on this forum or on my email [email protected]. If you live in the South (I am in Berkshire) and just want to meet up before meeting in Morocco then that would be great too.

Hi Purnima and Di

I too am looking forward to returning to the school and have been working on my goalkeeping skills in readiness!. I will be taking group flight (mainly as I don't want to miss West Ham game the day before!!). Are either of you likely to have any room in your bags as I already have lots of stuff to take?


Hi Pedro

Glad to hear about your goalkeeping practice, maybe Exodus can beat the school this year. I will let you know closer to the time if there is any room. Am expecting to get stuff from Cathy and i believe she has 150 pairs of shoes. As long as i can carry it, i will take the stuff. Shame you are not coming along on the train journey, we are starting off with a glass of bubbly at St Pancras :-)


Great to meet you all again at the weekend. As I write this Andy is hopefully levelling the football pitch in readiness for us!! Hope you have a good journey and see you there!!


I can't believe there is less than three weeks to go now. I think it's probably time to do a dummy pack and see how much space I have left to fill with donations for the village.

Does anyone know what altitude the village is at as looking at snow reports for the two ski resorts they are still experiencing snow this time of year?

Hi Beverley

Looking forward to meeting you.

I don't anticipate snow!  I have been there before this time of the year and had nice weather. T shirts during day although nights need fleece or warm jumper as no heating at the gite


Thanks! Will wear my fleece on the flight I think. Looking forward to meeting everyone too, from what Andy has said there are only two people he doesn't know so it's good so many people are returning.

Is there a planned meet up point at Heathrow?

I'm afraid I am likely to let the side down at the football, as I think I just gave myself whiplash in a spectacular skiing wipeout yesterday. Oops!

I think there are 4 of us from last year and most others know Andy from different trips. Don't worry about the football - I always let the side down but, as someone once said, its not all about winning - but try telling that to Andy!!


Hello All,

My name's Penny and I will be joining you on the trip this year. I've not had a holiday like this before although travelled a bit but this will be the first time joining a group on my own.

Is there anything that is a 'must' to bring from peoples expereince last year?  

Also, I would like to take some stuff along that would be useful for the village or at least put a smile on some kids faces! Bearing in mind space is there anything anyone can suggest I bring?

Looking forward to meeting you all.


PS. I cant play football very well!


Hi Penny

Are you travelling from Heathrow? First time to Morocco for me too, most of my what to bring has been taken from Andy's emails, I'm hoping I can fit everything in! Along with clothes to donate I have some recorders for the school. I'll try and get the multivitamins and plasters at the airport as I think Boots is better value than French pharmacies.

Of course everthing I bring is dependant on successfully retrieving my bags from T5 on the way in, which I'm trying not to panic about!



Just a thought - have you received the emails from Andy? I can't see your name in the recipients box, and his emails are very useful. Email me at [email protected] and I'll forward them on.



Only one more day to go. Everything is packed and the only thing left to do is get on the train. Having seen the posts I have a feeling that this is going to be yet another great trip. I have a feeling that the exodus group will win this year because I know Pedro has been on the goalkeeping case. If it looks like it is going the wrong way, we will stick Richard in goal at the same time. Have a good trip everyone and see you in Ouarzazate. We at least get a good night's sleep where as you lot will get there around midnight if you are lucky. What time are we leaving again? 7:30 wasn't it :-).

See you sunday :-)

Diane see you at St Pancras



Hope that you have lots of fun on your overland trip, for you it's an adventure in itself just getting there. I'm sure I'll sleep on the plane as I have to leave Chamonix at some ridiculous hour to get to Geneva airport!

Mum and I plan to meet at Costa Coffee from about 2 if anyone is planning on getting there ultra early we'll see you there.

See you Sunday!

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