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Zebras Cuddling


3 Must-do Wilderness Adventures in Europe

If you have the urge to go wild and escape among some of Mother Nature’s greatest handiwork, a wilderness adventure in Europe has all the ingredients to make you feel alive. Veering away from the crowds to untouched corners can have a seriously positive effect on your wellbeing! Imagine the indescribable feeling of coming face to face with wildlife in its natural habitat or listening to the roar of a thundering waterfall as it gushes from dizzying heights. These are the kind of experiences that will change your perception of the world and spark your sense of adventure.

4 new UK trips to book in 2021

In 2020, unsurprisingly, many of us began to explore those hidden gems in our own back yard – and why not. At Exodus, we’re proud to live in a nation that’s steeped in layers of tradition, fascinating legends and centuries of remarkable history. And we believe that one of the best ways to enjoy our own unique cultures, charms, and distinct local flavours each part of the United Kingdom has to offer is on a walking holiday.

Costa Rica Family Vacation Tips | Travel Guide

Family in Monteverde

Costa Rica is one of the world’s true trailblazers in responsible ecotourism, not to mention one of the most beautiful and biologically diverse countries on the planet. Despite its growing popularity as a travel destination, it’s also surprisingly pristine, with over 25% of its lands protected. It’s no wonder Costa Rica is perennially celebrated as the happiest place on earth.

10 Cool Creepy Crawlies Found in the Amazon Rainforest

Longhorn Beetle

Widely considered among the most remarkable natural attractions on the planet, the Amazon River Basin is home to the world’s largest tropical rainforest and at least 10% of its known biodiversity.

There are around 30 million species in the 6.7 million square kilometer Biome, with thousands of new species discovered there each year. One acre of Amazon Rainforest is estimated to contain as many as 70,000 species of insects (scientists once found 700 different species of beetle on just one tree).

Christmas and New Year Traditions Around the World

Christmas and New Year traditions are what make the festive season so magical and comforting, from the angelic sound of carol singing to the bountiful feasts of roast turkey with all the trimmings. From country to country, the traditions of other cultures vary, but they are equally as exciting. So, we’ve explored some of our favourite Exodus destinations from across the globe to give you an insight into different Yuletide rituals to inspire your travel for 2021.

Top 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites For Nature & Wildlife Lovers

Dolomite Mountains

20 Nature & Wildlife World Heritage Sites You Need To See Now

As of summer 2016, there were a total of 1052 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including 203 that were recognized specifically for their Natural Heritage. Trying to narrow that list down to a Top 20 is highly subjective, but here’s a look at some of our favorite UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

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