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Wildebeest, Masai Mara


New Year, Not So New You

For the first New Year ever I have not made a resolution - I have, after many years, finally admitted to myself that I'm not going to keep it anyway, so why bother making one?

Instead, I'm looking down alternative avenues. After all, with the inclement weather forcing us to hunker down, the odd glass of red wine helps to keep the chill at bay, right..? Rather than the standard spirit-sapping steamed broccoli and 'detox' tea purgatory, I'm looking for my healthy approach to kick start the year to be exciting.

All of these are on the cards in the next few months.

Food and drink of the Picos

Amidst the alpine scenery of white limestone karst, green hills flecked white with roaming sheep and goats, picturesque trails wind between shepherd's huts and villages. The Picos de Europa is a haven of tranquility, known for its sumptuous, hearty cuisine full of flavours from the surrounding hills.

Local specialties include Fabada Asturiana, chickpea stew, and the famous blue cheese “Queso Cabrales”. Ingredients are sourced locally - from farms a few miles away, from market stall groaning under the weight of local produce.

Iceland: A Winter activities highlight

Having lived in Kiruna, northern Sweden, as a child, I thought I’d pretty much seen it all when it comes to winter in an isolated cold environment.  That was until I visited Iceland in December – when I realised I’d not seen the half of it.

It may have been while I was traversing a magnificent, ancient glacier on foot, or when I was posing next to a waterfall only to find myself being peppered by spray that had turned to ice in mid-air, or even as I was standing open-mouthed in awe as a geyser fired a jet of water and steam a hundred yards into the dark mid-afternoon sky.

Culinary Odyssey (Part 1): Ceviche, Peru

Join Exodus' Dan Jackson for a worldwide culinary odyssey. First stop: Peru.

My passion for combining food with travel stretches back to the early 90’s, when I worked in the wine bar and restaurant trade in the heart of the City’s square mile - a task which gained me the experience to go and run a hotel in the French Alps for a ski season.

Ok, so the real reason was to ski every day. But I still got my hands dirty in the kitchen!

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