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Wildebeest, Masai Mara


Tibet: The Highlights

Tibet, known as the roof of the world, is for many travellers one of the most culturally exciting and rewarding destinations.

The flight from Kathmandu into Tibet is one of the most spectacular in the world with awesome views of the Himalayas throughout the journey. Arriving at Gongkar Airport (3600mtrs) your lungs will certainly notice the thinner air, however we take it easy on the first couple of days and you will soon become acclimatized to the altitude.

Ladakh Unlimited: Life in the Indian Himalaya

A brisk wind races through the high passes, scattering prayer flags flapping and fluttering against the sky. The haunting echo of footsteps tracing the corridor of a Buddhist monastery is swept away, the sun streams down over the lush green tea plantations of Darjeeling. Somewhere more secretive, the elusive shadow of a snow leopard slips out of view.

The Amalfi Coast - Eat, Walk, Love

The old man’s eyes are honest as he whispers to me, “Here, in this region, we have everything you can possibly look for." This wizened face belongs to one of the family who own the Hotel Le Due Torri where we are staying, high in the hills near the Amalfi Coast of Italy. At first I assume this statement is part and parcel of the typical patriotism that characterizes many Italians – but soon, I am proved wrong.

New Year, Not So New You

For the first New Year ever I have not made a resolution - I have, after many years, finally admitted to myself that I'm not going to keep it anyway, so why bother making one?

Instead, I'm looking down alternative avenues. After all, with the inclement weather forcing us to hunker down, the odd glass of red wine helps to keep the chill at bay, right..? Rather than the standard spirit-sapping steamed broccoli and 'detox' tea purgatory, I'm looking for my healthy approach to kick start the year to be exciting.

All of these are on the cards in the next few months.

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