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Zebras Cuddling


Reasons to Visit India

Taj mahal

Read time - 2 minutes

More colourful, stark, energetic, peaceful, beautiful and spiritual than I could ever have imagined; India stole my heart years ago and has never let it go.

It truly is what they say, India is an assault on your senses, but oh what a wonderful assault. Discovering India will take you well out of your comfort zone but isn’t that what the true essence of travel is all about?

Why visit Chernobyl?

chernobyl disaster

Read time - 3 minutes

On April 25 1986, the worst nuclear disaster in human history took place when an accident occurred at Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor No.4 in the Ukraine.

Repercussions were terrible and long-lasting, with nuclear fallout detected across the whole of Europe, resulting in thousands of people being evacuated, leaving a deserted town in the wake.

Best Places to visit in Peru that aren’t Machu Picchu

Ballestas Islands, near Paracas

Read time - 2 minutes

Home to some of the most spectacular topography in the world, Peru adventure holidays promise to inspire even the most seasoned travellers.

This is a beguiling land where ancient sites, colonial culture and modern traditions rub shoulders in an unimaginable fashion. Although Machu Picchu is one of the country’s most iconic treasures, there is so much more to discover here.

Top Translation Tools for Travelers: Google Translate, Siri & More

Italian Restaurant Menu

Picture this: sat on the patio of a trattoria looking out over a vineyard, the first day of your perfect Italian adventure, you open the menu… and remember that the only Italian you know you learned from Roman Holiday. The server bustles over to take your order, and the only word that you recognize coming out of his mouth is ‘ciao’. How will you ever order your pasta and wine when you can’t read or communicate in Italian?!

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