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Finding Incan Culture in Modern Day Peru

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There was a time when the Inca Empire ruled over more than 12 million people, carrying its influence from Colombia in the north to central Chile in the south. It’s been nearly 500 years now since the Inca were conquered by the Spanish (in 1532). But their amazing rock-hewn cities, mummies (and the treasures buried with them), colorful textiles, and other aspects of Incan culture continue to capture the imagination of people all over the world. 

Why Group Tours Are a Great Option for Singles Vacations

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Solo travel can be a beautiful thing. You don’t have to consult anyone else on when to eat, what time to start the day, how much money to spend on lodging, or anything else for that matter. You can simply do whatever feels right for you.

But singles vacations have their downsides, too. It can be exhausting having to make all the decisions without anyone else to consult. It can feel empty not having anyone to share your adventurous experiences with. And you can only eat so many meals alone before loneliness inevitably creeps up on you.

Most Popular Cities to Visit in India

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India is a remarkable place to visit for many reasons, but one of the most compelling is the richness of its culture. This is one of the few countries left on Earth with a living classical culture, unbroken since ancient times. You can visit an ancient Hindu temple and watch rituals that have been performed in the same place, in the same way, since the dawn of time.

10 Best Waterfalls in the World


What is it about waterfalls that we find so endlessly fascinating? Is it their raw power, giving us perspective on our own minimal significance in the world? Is it science (studies suggest the negative ions abundant in waterfalls increase serotonin levels)? Is it simply their aesthetic beauty, creating a sense of peace as we sit spellbound in their presence?

Maasai Culture & Traditions | Kenya & Tanzania

Massai Girls

Wherever you go on the East African safari circuit of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, the Maasai people are a near-constant presence.

You’ll see the brightly colored reds, blues and purples of their Shúka (sheets worn wrapped around the body, one over each shoulder, then a third over the top of them) standing out vividly against the landscape, whether in small mud-thatched villages, more modern towns or the vast open spaces on which they continue to graze their cattle, as they have for more than 500 years.

Top 10 Foodie Destination for Wildlife Lovers

Japanese Food

Combining delicious food and beautiful landscapes is a recipe or success so here is a look at our top foodie destinations around the world.

Last week a friend of mine said, “I don’t plan my vacations based on what to see anymore, but on what to eat.”

Once upon a time, most people’s world travel bucket lists were based largely on the iconic landmarks, museums, nature and wildlife they wanted to see. But nowadays, street food, markets, and cooking classes are also likely to be included in the decision-making process.

26 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Iceland


Iceland Travel 101

If there was ever a country guaranteed to capture the hearts and imaginations of travelers, it would be Iceland. A small Nordic nation in the North Atlantic Ocean, this is an isolated island practically packed with dramatic landscapes.

Traveling to Iceland will introduce you to more natural wonders than just about any other small island on the planet. Here you’ll find a hotbed of volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers, geysers, green fjords, and elves (yes, elves!).

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