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Zebras Cuddling


Meet the Expert: Allan Langdale, Art Historian

Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Allan spent most of his childhood in a small mill town on Vancouver Island wondering what the rest of the world was like—and has spent much of his adult life finding out. He has always loved adventure and believes travel to be the pinnacle of all educational experiences. With a Ph.D. in art history from U. C. Santa Barbara Allan has taught many courses on ancient Greek and Roman, Byzantine, and Italian Renaissance art and architecture. Currently working as a lecturer in art history at U. C.

Meet the Expert: Mark Brazil, Ornithologist

Mark Brazil, Ornithologist

Mark developed his fascination with the natural world, especially birds and mammals, during his childhood in the landlocked English county of Worcestershire. He pursued academic interests in biology while studying in England and Scotland, spending his spare time exploring the coasts and mountains of Britain in search of endemic birds. Mark earned his Ph.D. from Stirling University, Scotland, for his work on avian behavioral ecology in Iceland and Scotland.

Discover the fascinating history of Matera, Italy’s remarkable city of stone

A visit to Matera is one like no other. Take the opportunity to discover this incredible city in Italy, with an adventure to the remote southern region of Basilicata. Renowned for its extensive cave-dwelling districts, it delivers magnificent views of rock caves and old stone buildings that rise to a pinnacle and twinkle with light on the city’s warm evenings.

Explore Southern Sicily On The Perfect Cycling Holiday Adventure

Ragusa Town, Italy

Sicily is a true Mediterranean gem just off Italy’s coastline, filled with diverse landscapes, cultural treasures, and delicious traditional cuisine. Our Cycling in Sicily trip is an excellent way to uncover the island’s fascinating history, warm hospitality and interesting culinary influences that blends different cultures while keeping all of Italy's original charm.

Your Guide To The USA’s Greatest National Parks

Yellowstone Geyser

In the USA, everything happens on a grand scale – from the bustling cities to the portion sizes at dinner! And for us, the USA’s national parks are a true jewel in the crown of this larger-than-life country.

With a total of 423 national park sites in the United States, it might be hard to decide where to head to first. Luckily, we’ve shared our favourites to help you narrow it down!

Covid Emergency Relief Appeal for India and Nepal: News from the ground

Pony man, Ladakh, India

It is heartbreaking to see the extreme human suffering and economic devastation that Covid-19 has brought to India and Nepal. As is the case in many parts of the world, those who rely on tourism have had no work since the pandemic hit. In India and Nepal, the lack of government support has left many seasonal/freelance staff without any income – particularly in rural areas where alternative work is hard to come by.

Your Guide To Getting Back On Track

Geneva Train

Why not add another element of adventure to your next getaway with Exodus by taking the train there? With accessible, high-speed connections taking you to the very heart of key regions all across Europe, traveling by train is easier than you think. While North Americans unavoidably have to fly over the Atlantic for our adventures, London is the perfect hub and gateway to European train travel for Americans. 

Your Guide to Vegetarian Destinations

Vegetarian Moroccan Dishes

Only a couple of decades ago, many vegetarians may have feared that the only dishes available to them while travelling would consist of bland lettuce, tough flatbread, and tasteless tofu – but thankfully times have changed. Now, there’s a whole host of dishes across the world that are incredibly fresh, incredibly creative and most importantly, completely meat-free.

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