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Zebras Cuddling


Your Guide To Getting Back On Track

Geneva Train

Why not add another element of adventure to your next getaway with Exodus by taking the train there? With accessible, high-speed connections taking you to the very heart of key regions all across Europe, traveling by train is easier than you think. While North Americans unavoidably have to fly over the Atlantic for our adventures, London is the perfect hub and gateway to European train travel for Americans. 

Your Guide to Vegetarian Destinations

Vegetarian Moroccan Dishes

Only a couple of decades ago, many vegetarians may have feared that the only dishes available to them while travelling would consist of bland lettuce, tough flatbread, and tasteless tofu – but thankfully times have changed. Now, there’s a whole host of dishes across the world that are incredibly fresh, incredibly creative and most importantly, completely meat-free.

5 Truly wild locations to visit in Europe

Finland Forests

Now more than ever before, we’re beginning to appreciate the peace and serenity that comes from exploring truly wild areas. In these remote pockets of dense woodlands, gorges and rolling valleys, flora and fauna are left to flourish, while secluded mountain villages remain largely unphased by the passing of time. With hope on the horizon for a return to travel in the upcoming months ahead, why not take the opportunity to explore new places in Europe that are firmly off the tourist trail?

Ngumu, the story continues: The Mountain Lioness Scholarship

Lioness guides on Kilimanjaro

Kitaba Wadia Kapanya, one of our newly qualified lionesses explains, “I hope we will be seen as an inspiration to other women in the local community and encourage them to follow their dreams of becoming a mountain guide”. Read on to see the full story of how our first 10 lionesses graduated to become qualified guides through the Mountain Lioness Scholarship, and are ready to take on Mt Kilimanjaro.

Spectacular Coastal Walks Along The UK’s Best Shorelines

Daymer Bay, Cornwall

From the untamed ruggedness of Scotland and the idyllic harbour towns of Cornwall to the southern Welsh shores, we’re dreaming of heavenly coastal holidays where we can mingle with nature and lose ourselves in the hypnotic motion of the sea.  Discover the best shorelines in the UK as we guide you towards some of the most tranquil spots overflowing with breathtaking beauty…

Our Top 10 trips for Foodie Experiences, Wildlife Spotting and History Buffs

Elephant in front of Botswana sunrise

We’re struggling to contain our excitement as we count down the days to when travel will resume. Imagine that feeling when once again you can finally start exploring all those inspiring destinations on your bucket list. With our complete financial protection promises in place, there’s nothing stopping you from booking your next adventure and having something really special to look forward to. So we've collected our top 10 trips across Africa and Asia that are bound to please foodies, wildlife enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Guide to Cuba’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Old Havana

As the largest island in the Caribbean, located just a stone’s throw away from the sunny shores of Florida, Cuba is packed with some of the most distinct cultural and natural wonders to be found in the region. 

Cuba’s nine confirmed UNESCO sites (and three tentative ones) are a fine testament to the island’s rich and varied heritage. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Old Havana

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