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A lifelong wildlife enthusiast, Natasha has spent the past six years seeking out the best wildlife encounters on Earth. So far she's sat with Mountain gorillas in Rwanda, photographed big cats on safari in the Masai Mara, and gone in search of whales in the Azores, South Africa and St Lucia. Natasha's love of the natural world has also seen her venture through the jungles of Costa Rica, the frozen wilds of Iceland and hone her photographic skills on a Polar expedition around Spitsbergen. Her trekking credentials include Mount Toubkal in Morocco, Kinabalu in Borneo and, most recently, she hotfooted it up Sicily's most famous volcanoes - Stromboli and Etna!

New Year Challenges

All too often the first couple of months of a year are scarred by broken resolutions and shattered fitness aspirations. Don’t let this year go the same way; we've got plenty of exciting challenges to awaken your motivational mojo! Travel plans are a powerful motivator - there's no better way to prompt those gym visits than the promise of the ultimate reward: an adventure.

Horns of Dilemma: Rhino Poaching Crisis

In recent decades, rhino populations have been decimated by poaching - a barbaric practice sustaining the demand in Asia for powdered rhino horn - a substance proven by scientists to have NO MEDICINAL OR HEALING PROPERTIES whatsoever.

Black rhino

Black rhino

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