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Travel Expert - Milly Youngman

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Introducing Milly Youngman

Milly looks after the Exodus social media challenge, and runs a travel blog in her spare time.

Usually found hunting down the best independent restaurants or meeting the local dogs, her favourite travel memory is camping out in the heart of Monument Valley, USA. Trying new things and experiencing local ways of living are her favourite things about travel – along with the food, of course!

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Five Reasons to Visit the Baltics

Trakai Castle

The Baltic States are made up of three sovereign states in Northern Europe: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Commonly referred to as ‘The Baltics’, the three countries offer an idyllic experience which is often overlooked by the typical tourist. In response to this travesty, Exodus Travel Expert Robert Townsend put together a list of five reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Baltics.


Four Game of Thrones Locations


Read time - 2 minutes

As the final season of Game of Thrones at last hits our screens, we’ve delved into the countries that have been a crucial part of the filming for the unmissable blockbuster. Here are some of the top filming locations, and how you can visit them for yourself.

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