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Kai Aylward

Travel Expert - Kai Aylward

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Introducing Kai Aylward

Fresh out of university in 1998, Kai decided to take a general office admin role at Exodus "for a year" to pad out his CV a bit before getting a "real" job.

Many years later, he's still here, having caught the travel bug after hearing so much about all corners of the world from his colleagues. A love of South East Asia was cemented with a three month sabbatical there in 2006, followed by marriage to a Chinese Malaysian girl he met on holiday in Thailand.

His Scandinavian background also means Kai is as happy in the snow as he is in jungles and beaches.

Learn more about Kai's adventures below.

A First Taste of India

indian houseboat

Read time - 3 minutes

“Did you get ill then?” seems to be the first question that comes to mind when you tell people you’ve just come back from India.

It may not be an actual medical condition but it seems as if everyone knows about the dreaded Delhi Belly. It was with that in my mind that I made the decision to avoid meat (and Delhi) on my first trip to the country.

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