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Travel Expert - Chloe Knott

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About Chloe

Having spent several winter ski seasons in the Alps and summer seasons working at a watersports school in the south of France, Chloe's passion for travel began whilst at university.

Shortly after, she spent 2 years living in Australia and New Zealand before heading back to the UK to begin her career in travel. Her role as Senior Product Manager has seen her completing some of the worlds most iconic treks as well as developing a passion for cross-country ski marathons.

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Tackling Altitude On Everest Trek

Everest Base camp

Read time - 4 minutes

"Chickole, chickole” were going to be the wisest words I would hear on my Everest base camp trek. Meaning “slowly, slowly” our guides Lakpa and Nima would repeat them every time we hoisted our packs on.

With every inch the trail snaked higher into the mountains, the closer their words came to gospel truth.

About Chloe
Walking Programme Manager