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Switzerland versus Costa Rica

Costa Rica Versus Switzerland

Two totally different countries, one exciting contest: Costa Rica Versus Switzerland may not be the headline match of the 2018 World Cup, but in the travel stakes the game is certainly on! Don’t sit on the side-lines – get involved and share your opinions on our facebook page. And if you’re feeling lucky then you could even be the winner of our fantastic $500 prize draw!

Without further ado – Costa Rica or Switzerland?

Eco-Friendly Destinations


The one thing we can say with complete certainty that these two nations have in common: their eco-credentials are strong. In fact, some of the strongest on the planet. Switzerland came out on top of the 2018 Environmental Performance Index issued by the Yale Centre for Environmental Law & Policy for their progressive attitude towards emissions and clear air policies. Costa Rica has been leading the way in eco-travel for years, and shows no sign of slowing up – they’ve set themselves the goal of carbon neutrality by 2021, and are well on the way there with the country being powered solely from renewable sources for the first half of 2017 – impressive. It’s one of the best places for eco-friendly accommodation, conservation and their general attitude of pura vida comes through in all they do. One all.

Costa Rica 1 – 1 Switzerland

Chocolate or Coffee


Swiss chocolate is rightly celebrated the world over for its richness. It’s impossible to pass a tiny Swiss chocolatier and not be enticed towards the pretty windows, laid out with all kinds of delicate temptations. But when it comes to the main ingredient, Costa Rica excels. It’s the beans that make all the difference, and whilst you may not have the same dinky shops with their delicate charms, when it comes to flavour and fullness then Costa Rica is the place to be. The other great export? It’s Costa Rican coffee. As if we could ever resist that combination. Costa Rica wins.

Costa Rica 2 – 1 Switzerland

Mountains or Volcanoes

It depends on what appeals to you for this one. If misty volcanoes, shrouded in dense tropical cloud forest and filled with chattering, squawking and hollering appeals, then Costa Rica’s chaotic charm is calling. It’s cluttered, it’s busy – and it is absolutely teeming with life. Their biodiversity and sheer density of incredible species certainly wins out for wildlife lovers.


But if it’s the alpine splendour of flower-filled meadows, emerald green valleys and stark, beautiful and snowy white peaks soaring towards the skies then Switzerland is unmissable. The clean lines of green valley flour, silver-white mountains, and bright blue skies have inspired poets, artists, writers – you name it. For hikers, this is the holy grail. For skiers, it’s the wintry landscape which is the top draw – here, you’ll find miles and miles of undulating loipe perfect for cross-country skiers. For prestige and the challenge, the Engadin Ski Marathon is the perfect way to hone your skills and take home a medal to boot. Switzerland wins – purely for the seasonal variation.

Costa Rica 2 – 2 Switzerland



Costa Rican food is simple, but flavoursome – expect lots of bean dishes, from rice and beans to black bean soups. It’s good hearty grub, but for finesse and variety, our winner has to be Switzerland. For dine dining, glamourous and desireable restaurants abound in fashionable Zurich and cosmopoiltan Bern. Head to the rural areas and cheese features heavily, and such cheese it is: gooey, warm and comforting fondue and raclette are regular features. Their iconic potato rostis are not to be missed and the surprising diversity of dishes born from the humble spätzle noodle keeps it popular. In chic hotels, you'll certainly find more refined menus. but for the most part this is hearty, locally-sourced mountain grub, and it’s the perfect fuel for a day out amongst the peaks. Switzerland wins.

Final Score: Costa Rica 3 – 2 Switzerland

So there you have it! Costa Rica is winning in our travel sweepstakes.

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